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propagandaprop‧a‧gan‧da /ˌprɒpəˈɡændə $ ˌprɑː-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] PPLIE/TELL A LIEinformation which is false or which emphasizes just one part of a situation, used by a government or political group to make people agree with them the spreading of political propagandaNazi/Communist etc propagandapropaganda exercise/campaign (=something done to show one political opinion) They have mounted a propaganda campaign against Western governments. the government propaganda machine (=people who produce propaganda)propagandize (also -ise British English) verb [intransitive, transitive]propagandist noun [countable]COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + propagandapolitical propagandaDon't believe all the political propaganda.enemy propagandaHe was charged with ‘distributing enemy propaganda’.communist/Soviet etc propagandaMuch communist propaganda was about the evils of propagandaPublic money should not be used to produce party propaganda.government/official propagandaEverything would soon get better, according to the official propaganda.verbsspread propagandaSeveral underground organizations were spreading anti-government propaganda.phrasesa piece of propagandaThe claim was a typical piece of Russian propaganda.propaganda + NOUNa propaganda campaignThe Tories mounted a massive propaganda campaign against the Labour leader.a propaganda warHe denied the existence of any political prisoners, dismissing the claims as part of a propaganda war.a propaganda exercise (=something done as propaganda)The meeting was just a propaganda exercise.a propaganda machine (=people who produce propaganda in an organized way)The regime’s propaganda machine presented the incident as a triumph.a propaganda weapon (=an event, situation etc that can be used for propaganda)Sporting success was an important propaganda weapon during the Cold War.a propaganda tool (=an organization or type of communication that is used to spread propaganda)The newspaper had been turned into a propaganda tool.propaganda value (=ability to be used for propaganda)There was propaganda value in agreeing to a peace conference.
Examples from the Corpus
propagandaPropaganda is a tool of war.In Najaf, Khomeini had begun a propaganda campaign against the Shah.a propaganda filma piece of anti-Communist propagandaExternally, a range of print media is available for the insertion of company propaganda, should the occasion arise.His name is known around the world-its prestige would be great propaganda against our enemies.It was a lesson in propaganda he did not forget.Coevolution can be seen as two parties snared in the web of mutual propaganda.Neo-Nazi propagandaIn other words, at these points, Dawkins depends on propaganda and rhetoric.Anyway, there was always the suspicion that they were exaggerated by Stalin's propaganda machine.But such propaganda may not be welcomed.Beginning in the 1970s, petrodollars financed the propaganda that encouraged submission and repudiated reflection.Radio Marti is still there, spewing its US propaganda across the waters toward Cuba.propaganda machineThe chancery was used as a propaganda machine perhaps as never before.We have to find a way to utilise our fifty thousand members as an educational and propaganda machine.But in recent weeks it has cranked an impressive propaganda machine into action.The malai propaganda machine had always lied about the scale of casualties in our earlier Civil War.Even Saddam's propaganda machine failed to bring that lie to life.Anyway, there was always the suspicion that they were exaggerated by Stalin's propaganda machine.
Origin propaganda (1700-1800) Modern Latin Congregatio de propaganda fide Congregation for propagating the faith, Roman Catholic organization set up in 1622