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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproofproof1 /pruːf/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun 1 evidence [countable, uncountable]PROVE facts, information, documents etc that prove something is trueproof of proof of the existence of life on other planets This latest interview was further proof of how good at her job Cara was.proof (that) Do you have any proof that this man stole your bag? There is no proof that the document is authentic.2 copy [countable usually plural] technicalTCN a copy of a piece of writing or a photograph that is checked carefully before the final printing is done Can you check these proofs?3 mathematics [countable] a) HMa test in mathematics of whether a calculation is correct b) HMa list of reasons that shows a theorem (=statement) in geometry to be true4 the proof of the pudding (is in the eating)5 alcohol [uncountable]DFD a measurement of the strength of some types of alcoholic drink, especially spirits 70% proof vodka (=that contains 70% pure alcohol) British English 70 proof vodka (=that contains 35% pure alcohol) American EnglishCOLLOCATIONSverbshave proofThe newspaper claimed it had proof that I worked for the CIA.provide/give proofYou will be required to provide proof of your identity.need proofHe needed proof to back up those allegations.there is proofThere is now proof that giant squid do exist.adjectivesfurther proof (=additional proof)He showed his driving licence as further proof of his identity.scientific proofThey say they have scientific proof that the treatment proof (=someone whose existence or experience proves something)She is living proof that stress need not necessarily be ageing.clear proofHis indecision is clear proof of his inability to handle the situation.conclusive/tangible proof (=definite proof)There is no conclusive proof that your son is dead.phrasesproof of identity (=something that proves who you are)Do you have any proof of identity, such as a passport?proof of purchase (=something that proves you bought something from a particular place)We will give a refund only if proof of purchase is provided.proof of ownershipTake photos of anything unusual you own as proof of ownership.proof positive (=definite proof that cannot be doubted)Here is proof positive that she's wrong.the burden/onus of proof law (=the need to prove that you are right in a legal case)The burden of proof is on the prosecution.
Examples from the Corpus
proofIt justifies the move as proof that it is taking the independent platform integration business seriously.Such actions were virtually undetectable, and on several occasions suspicion there might be, but proof was impossible.It was alleged that he was stealing money from the till, but we never had any conclusive proof.Of course, she reminded herself sternly, that was just proof that she had not had many sensual encounters.He was the only person in the room when the money disappeared - what more proof do you want?The police knew she was guilty, but they had no proof.There is no proof that he did it.If that is not proof of lack of investment, what is?That play was some proof that I was all right.You can't drink in bars without some proof of your age.A key ingredient of this proof was to represent the complex numbers geometrically, and then to use a topological argument.Even my highly regrettable tendency to react positively whenever the fridge door is opened was proof against that.The examining magistrate will decide to send the case to trial, except when proof of innocence is clear.proof (that)The guilt is established by proof of facts.Niels Bohr pointed it out to him and he had to add a note in proof to deal with the question.Moreover both counsel would shortly before the summing-up have reminded the jury of the burden of proof.The burden of proof in establishing the defence is upon the defendant on the balance of probabilities.For the proof is that we still read the book.The children seemed terrified by the noise and by the visible proof of how close it had come.A marine regiment was equipped with plasma cannon, and the marine battle armour was proof against most weapons.
proofproof2 adjective be proof against something
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proofproof3 verb [transitive] British English 1 DCPROTECTto treat a material with a substance in order to protect it against water, oil etcbe proofed against something climbing gear proofed against waterGrammar Proof is usually passive in this meaning.2 to proofread something Do you want me to proof those documents for you?
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Examples from the Corpus
proofIt also controls the background batch machines used to support proofing.This yeast is added directly to the dough, with-out need for proofing.The first part of proofing is as simple as creating white space.Any lexicographer may obtain entry text for read only or for proofing regardless of ownership or the status of the on-loan flag.
-proof-proof /pruːf/ suffix 1 [in adjectives]PROTECT used to describe something which a particular thing cannot harm or pass through, or which protects people against that thing a bulletproof car a waterproof jacket an ovenproof dish (=that cannot be harmed by heat)2 [in adjectives] used to describe something which cannot easily be affected or damaged by someone or something a childproof container vandal-proof3 [in verbs]PROTECT to treat or make something so that a particular thing cannot harm it or pass through it, or so that it gives protection against it soundproof a room (=so that sound cannot get into or out of it)
Examples from the Corpus
-proofa bulletproof vesttamper-proof packages
Origin proof1 (1200-1300) Old French preuve, from Late Latin proba, from Latin probare; PROBE2