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promenadeprom‧e‧nade /ˌprɒməˈnɑːd◂, ˈprɒmənɑːd $ ˌprɑːməˈneɪd◂/ noun [countable] 1 British EnglishTTR a wide road next to the beach, where people can walk for pleasure2 old-fashionedDLOWALK a walk for pleasure in a public place an evening promenade
Examples from the Corpus
promenadeThis pier was not a promenade for me.Electric trams were pioneered in Blackpool in 1888 and they still run along the promenade.Adding to the overall charm, there is often live music played on the promenade.There were people dressed in gay bright clothes walking on the promenade.The body was spotted some four hours ago, by a pair of officers patrolling the promenade.The fishing-boats groaned as the men lugged their catch on to the promenade.
Origin promenade (1500-1600) French promener to take for a walk, from Latin prominare to drive forward