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projectilepro‧jec‧tile /prəˈdʒektaɪl $ -tl/ noun [countable] formal 1 PMWan object that is thrown at someone or is fired from a gun or other weapon, such as a bullet, stone, or shell2 projectile vomiting
Examples from the Corpus
projectileLet us suppose an engineer wishes to fire a projectile faster than light.There was one sizeable exception: that of a body thrown, a projectile.The testimony of Venus is that aerial fragmentation of projectiles is extremely important.A pea-sized projectile is hurtled into a target at speeds of up to sixteen thousand miles an hour.The projectile was imperfectly aimed but exploded in Verdun, smashing down part of the Archbishop's palace.Only those electrons which were struck by one of these projectiles would be effected.