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professionpro‧fes‧sion /prəˈfeʃən/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 BOJOB/WORK[countable] a job that needs a high level of education and trainingthe legal/medical/teaching etc profession members of the teaching professionenter/go into/join a profession Some students enter other professions such as arts administration. people who work in the professions (=doctors, lawyers etc)by profession Johnson was a barrister by profession. nurses, social workers, and other people in the caring professions (=ones that involve looking after people)see thesaurus at job2 BOJOB/WORK[singular] all the people who work in a particular profession the medical professionGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In this meaning, profession is usually followed by a singular verb: Our profession has been keen to use new technology.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: Our profession have been keen to use new technology.3 OPINION[countable] formal a statement of your belief, opinion, or feelingprofession of a profession of faith4 the oldest professionCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + professionthe legal professionHe followed his father into the legal profession.the medical professionThe medical profession is still divided about the main cause of heart attacks.the teaching professionThere are not enough physicists entering the teaching profession.the accountancy/accounting professionMany economics graduates enter the accountancy profession. the nursing professionMary had retired from the nursing profession.the caring professions (=ones that involve looking after people)A high proportion of people in the caring professions are women.verbsenter/go into/join a professionHugh intended to enter the medical profession.leave a professionWhy do you want to leave the profession?phrasesa member of a professionSome members of the medical profession supported the use of these drugs.reach/be at the top of your professionHe was a very highly respected man, at the top of his profession.
Examples from the Corpus
professionMarshall saw economics as a profession that should blend shrewd science with a devotion to people.In a profession where nearly everyone is always looking for a better job, Zampese is content.These are likely to be professions like law, engineering, medicine.Both professions are concerned with the application to commercial life of rules that often embody generalised concepts.However, it is vital that the therapist, whatever his or her profession, has received satisfactory training in such counselling.There are now a lot more women in the legal profession.I'm a writer - that's my profession.She was surprised by Clark's profession of love for her.In 1950, Jones entered the teaching profession.There was a big demand for accountants in the 1980s, and many graduates entered the profession at this time.If the profession does not take up the challenge others will, and an opportunity will have been missed.Many teachers are thinking about leaving the profession for more highly paid careers.Touting for criminal business was and is well recognised within the profession, and those in close contact with it.the caring professionsAfter the cars came representatives of the caring professions and local charities.medical professionLike the contagious diseases defeat, Simon's resignation was received as a serious blow by the medical profession.Doubtless, this instability will continue as more sophisticated techniques of diagnosis come into use by the medical profession.He believes that the medical profession is encouraging Down's babies to die at birth because of ignorance and fear.This surface interval between leaving the bell and entering the decompression chamber, became a point of contention within the medical profession.The concerns of older people about their future health care probably reflect beliefs about modern medicine and priorities within the medical profession.The medical profession did not contribute to the new crusades nor was there any resurrection of the medico-moral alliance.The medical profession was about to be excluded by its ignorance from an almost universal practice.The medical profession was deeply divided over eugenics.
From King Business Dictionaryprofessionpro‧fes‧sion /prəˈfeʃən/ noun [countable]JOB1a job that needs advanced education and special trainingrealtors, a profession with an established record of service to the publicPeople assume that money management is a well-paid profession.2the legal/medical/teaching etc profession used to talk about the people working in a particular job, considered as separate groupsIn the bankruptcy field you find some of the legal profession’s most forceful personalities.3the professions [plural] accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers etc considered as one groupDuring this century, the professions have been one of the fastest growing sectors of the occupational structure.4by profession if someone is a doctor, teacher etc by profession, that is what they trained to do as their job. This phrase is usually used when talking about the fact that someone is doing different work for a period of timeA graphic designer by profession, he has spent the last two years in public relations.