Word family noun print printer printing adjective printed printableunprintable verb print
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprintprint1 /prɪnt/ ●●● S2 W3 verb 1 words a) [intransitive, transitive]TCN to produce words, numbers, or pictures on paper, using a machine which puts ink onto the surface I need to make a few changes before I print the document. The company’s name was printed in bold letters across the top of the page. a printed letter The printer’s switched on but it won’t print. As a newspaper publisher he understood the power of the printed word (=words that are printed on paper). b) [intransitive]TD when a computer document prints, a printed copy of it is produced Press return, then the document should print.2 books/newspapers [transitive]TCN to produce many printed copies of a book, newspaper etc Over five million copies of the paper are printed every day. When the book was first written no publisher would print it.3 in a newspaper [transitive]TCN to print a report of something or a letter, speech etc in a newspaper or magazine SYN publish ‘The Express’ was the first paper to print the story. ‘The Telegraph’ has printed numerous articles on this subject over the last three years. I wrote to the newspaper but my letter wasn’t printed.4 photograph [transitive]TCP to produce a photograph from a photographic film It usually takes a couple of hours for the pictures to be developed and printed.5 cloth [transitive]TIM to decorate cloth with a pattern that is put all over its surface by a machine a skirt printed with brightly coloured flowers a printed silk shirt 6 write [intransitive, transitive]WRITE to write words by hand without joining the letters Please print your name clearly in the top right-hand corner of the page.7 make a mark [transitive]MARK to make a mark on a surface or in a soft substance by pressing something on to itprint something on/in something The mark of the man’s shoe was printed in the mud. a licence to print money at licence(6) print something ↔ off/out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
printWhere did you get your wedding invitations printed?Why won't this printer print?Criticism was therefore banned, and only bare synopses of each film allowed to be printed.How do you want the pictures printed?How long will it take for this file to print?Most of our books are printed abroad.Bed the base on which the Forme is held when printing by Letterpress.The maker of printing chemicals said it intends to eliminate about 100 jobs, reducing its work force to about 500.The schedule should be on good quality paper and printed if cost does not prohibit such luxury.His second novel was originally printed in Paris.The mark of a child's shoe was clearly printed in the mud.I'd like to print it in color if I can.They printed my letter in the Sunday paper.Brown's suing the magazine for printing nude photos of him.This book was printed on recycled paper.It printed prose and verse in broadside and chapbook form till its activities were cut short by the War.The Northern Echo printed the story based on information given by prosecutors at the crown court.A couple of months later I had some bumper stickers printed up.Please print your name in block capitals.the printed wordIn a sense, it will signal the end of the centuries-old dominance of the printed word.As a printer he understood the power of the printed word and issued handbills to advertise his earliest tours.Her passing marks a loss for those everywhere who love the printed word, and Tucson is the poorer for it.But, alas, the printed word can not adequately convey the panting, gasping misery of this particular torment.He lit a cigarette and gazed at the page of his book until the printed words ceased to dance about.The conference brings together Christians who believe the printed word is strategic for evangelism and discipleship.Filtered through the printed word of newspaper pages, politics became less personal and more distant from home.
printprint2 ●●○ W3 noun 1 books/newspapers [uncountable]TCN writing that has been printed, for example in books or newspapers There was no print at all on the backs of the print (=printed in a book, newspaper etc) It must be really exciting to see your work in print. the pleasure of seeing my name in print Very little of his poetry actually got into print (=was printed).2 be in print3 be out of print4 letters [uncountable]TCN the letters in which something is printed The book is also available in large print. The print quality of the new printer is excellent.5 the small/fine print6 mark [countable]MARK a mark that is made on a surface by something that has been pressed onto it His feet left deep prints in the soft soil.7 prints8 cloth [countable, uncountable]TIM cloth, especially cotton, on which a coloured pattern has been printed a lovely selection of floral prints She was wearing a cotton print dress.9 photograph [countable]TCP a photograph that has been produced from a film Why don’t you order an extra set of prints? a colour print10 picture [countable] a) a picture that is made by cutting lines onto a piece of metal or wood and then printing it onto paper b) a copy of a painting that is produced by taking a photograph of it and printing it onto paper
Examples from the Corpus
printSure, a print can be straightened out in the lab, but slide shows are unforgiving.Courbet intended having some of his paintings photographed and prints of these were to be sold at his private exhibition in 1855.I see your tenderness in the bureaucratic print.a floral printI don't want your dirty hand prints all over the walls.First published in 1937, the book is still in print.All he had to do, he knew, was get the thing in print.The information is available in several formats including print, CD-ROM, and from our website.A new print of "Citizen Kane" has just been released.We found a set of prints on the door.I'll order two sets of prints, and you can have one of them.Some cat left its paw prints on my car.The prints combined quality and cheapness and were produced in vast into printYet it was not until 1612 that the little selection entitled Parthenia got into print.large printIt was spelled out in large print.Young children may need large print but should be educated to use smaller print as their reading develops.set of printsAnother set of prints was published in 1804.Next year, up to 750 primary schools will receive a different set of prints.
From King Business Dictionaryprintprint1 /prɪnt/ verb1[intransitive, transitive] to produce words, numbers, pictures etc on paper, using a machine that puts ink onto the surfaceThe system prints each transaction on the customer’s passbook.Kodak’s new desktop machine prints16 pages a minute.print something on somethingThe electronic sorters can only read bar codes printed on the lower right-hand corner of letters.2[transitive] to produce many copies of a document, newspaper, book etc in printed formHis company lost a contract to print 20,000 temporary auto license tags for Tennessee.Estonia hired a foreign firm to print banknotes to replace the ruble.3[transitive] to put a letter, speech, article etc in a book, newspaper etcSYNPUBLISH‘Newsday’ printed the story on Dec. 8.An apology was printed in yesterday’s edition.4[intransitive, transitive]COMPUTING if a computer prints words on a screen, they appear on the screenAfter a delay of four seconds, the translated sentence is printed on a computer screen.5[transitive] to write words or letters by hand without joining the letters together, so that they look like the letters in a bookPrint your name at the top and sign the declaration at the bottom of page 2. print something ↔ out/off print something ↔ up→ See Verb tableprintprint2 noun [uncountable]1information and news in books, newspapers etc, rather than in other MEDIAEuropean services concentrate on print, while in the U.S. the emphasis is on television.We send information to clients using both print and electronic media.2be in print/out of print if a book is in print, new copies of it are still being printed and it is easily available. If it is out of print, it is no longer being printedHis small publishing firm has kept classics by American writers in print.‘Diary of a Nobody’ was published in 1892, and has never been out of print.3the fine/small printLAW the details in a legal document, contract etc that many people do not take the time to read, but that may have serious effectsEven cardholders who pay their bills in full are advised to read the small print carefully.advertisements that display low ticket prices but hide surcharges in the fine printOrigin print2 (1200-1300) Old French preinte, from preint, past participle of preindre to press, from Latin premere