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princeprince /prɪns/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] 1 PGOthe son of a king, queen, or princeprincess Prince William2 PGOa male ruler of a small country or state Prince Rainier of Monaco3 the prince of something/a prince among something
Examples from the Corpus
princeThere were few things more calculated to endear a prince to his subjects than a display of stern retribution on unjust officials.Robbins was a prince among story-tellers.Medals, seals, manuscripts reliefs and sculptures document the competition of princes and nobles with the Salien rulers.the prince of the junk bond salesmenThe prince has suggested two possible constitutional mechanisms to achieve this end.Ralston was considered for a job that challenges many skills and requires the best we find of the warrior / prince genre.
PrincePrince (1958–) a US singer, guitar player, and songwriter, who is known for dressing and performing in a way that is intended to be sexually exciting and shocking. He was one of the most successful singers of the 1980s, and his records include Purple Rain (1984) and Sign O' the Times (1987).Prince, TheThe PrincePrince, The (1532) a book by Machiavelli which discusses what a ruler should do in order to gain and keep power and be an effective ruler, even if this means being cruel, dishonest or immoralOrigin prince (1100-1200) Old French Latin princeps leader, from primus (PRIME1) + capere to take