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primarypri‧ma‧ry1 /ˈpraɪməri $ -meri/ ●●○ W2 AWL adjective 1 MAIN[usually before noun] most important SYN main Our primary concern is to provide the refugees with food and health care. Many of the villagers rely on fishing as their primary source of income.primary purpose/aim/objective Their primary objective is to make money. Personal safety is of primary importance.see thesaurus at important, main2 [only before noun]SES especially British English relating to the education of children between 5 and 11 years old SYN elementary American Englishsecondary a primary teacher primary education teaching at primary level3 BEFOREhappening or developing before other things a primary tumour Counselling was given as a primary therapy for depression.
Examples from the Corpus
primaryAs always, security is our primary concern.He considered that it was his primary duty to be a divine and theologian rather than a political bishop.The primary exhibit area will focus on the Turnbull Colony.primary gradesa primary infectionLow attendance was the primary reason for canceling the shows.Financial reward is the primary reason most people work.Bibby could name one or maybe two assistants to his staff, including a primary recruiter.What is the primary role of parents in bringing up children?But the compressed primary schedule for the 1996 nomination has a built-in bias for front-runners and candidates with money.It singled out the upper reaches of primary schools for particular criticism.The future of our primary schools is rooted in the institutions which train our teachers.Another authority may publish total amounts for primary schools, secondary schools, continuing education.primary studentsof primary importanceCorrect proportion is of primary importance, as long as size is within the Standard s range.Because prevention is of primary importance, early diagnosis is the goal.In the case of lube oil production, an aspect of primary importance is catalyst selection.However, of primary importance is the portfolio presented at interview.If limitation of inputs is of primary importance, then the birth of calves to coincide with grazing peaks will determine dates.These personal considerations are of primary importance to the social worker and the manner of his work.
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primaryprimary2 noun (plural primaries) [countable] 1 PPVa primary election2 British English a primary school
Examples from the Corpus
primaryNo state yet to hold a primary has as many major media markets as Ohio.The Arizona primary originally was expected to be a fight between Sen.If it is later decided to compare primaries, then equal-sized samples from each are likely to give greatest precision.South Carolina holds the first primary in the South, with Super Tuesday following 10 days later.In the Republican primaries, Dole has received substantial support from senior citizens, who trust one of their own vintage.
From King Business Dictionaryprimarypri‧ma‧ry /ˈpraɪməri-meri/ adjective1main or most importantIts primary business is developing and marketing new software.The primary problem for the airlines is the recession.It uses coal as its primary source of fuel.2FINANCE relating to shares, bonds etc when they are ISSUED (=sold for the first time), and the markets where they are sold, rather than shares etc that are traded laterthe primary bond marketOrigin primary1 (1400-1500) Latin primarius, from primus; PRIME1