From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprevailingpre‧vail‧ing /prɪˈveɪlɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun] 1 COMMONexisting or accepted in a particular place or at a particular time SYN current The prevailing mood of public opinion remained hostile. the prevailing economic conditions in Northern Ireland2 prevailing wind
Examples from the Corpus
prevailingIn actual fact 90 percent of penises range from three to five inches in length, but dimensions change with prevailing conditions.Mr Sugar warned that prevailing exchange rates were forcing Amstrad to raise prices, causing demand to fall for certain products.Careful adjustment of the screen angle and contrast to suit the prevailing light is critical.prevailing local customsthe prevailing minimum wageThe greatest designers can sway with the prevailing mood of the moment, but remain fundamentally true to their own spirit.The prevailing rates are published daily in the Financial Times, and are also displayed on Prestel and in all our branches.A prevailing sense of relief and a chance for everyone to forge a career non-reliant on academic achievement.I don't need to conform to a prevailing stereotype in the search for distinguished and illustrious positions.The prevailing tone was homosexual - there was no doubt about that.prevailing ... conditionsAre you capable of sailing in the prevailing conditions?In actual fact 90 percent of penises range from three to five inches in length, but dimensions change with prevailing conditions.Presumably such marked fluctuations are connected with the prevailing weather conditions.The first few years of floating proved to be fairly successful, especially in the light of the prevailing economic conditions.The value used for the exposure will be reasonable for the prevailing conditions.The Surrealists had exposed and challenged some of the prevailing conditions by bringing together contemporary work with objects from earlier cultures.Farmers are businessmen and since wages constitute a cost of production they will normally pay no more than prevailing conditions dictate.For some species, the width of each ring depends on prevailing climatic conditions, such as temperature and rainfall.
From King Business Dictionaryprevailingpre‧vail‧ing /prɪˈveɪlɪŋ/ adjective [only before a noun] existing at a particular time or in a particular situationSYNCURRENTThe prevailingeconomic conditions have had a serious impact on our operations.The shares will be bought at prevailing market prices.