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pretzelpret‧zel /ˈpretsəl/ noun [countable] pretzel.jpg DFa hard salty type of bread baked in the shape of a stick or a loose knot
Examples from the Corpus
pretzelStill, when presented to a receptive mind, Sketchpad could twist that mind into a pretzel.So many people in so little space that everyone had to stand up, with nothing to eat but peanuts and pretzels.Are we going to eat pretzels or are we going to eat?And I love pretzels, trail mix, raisins and dried fruit.Two unsightly slush machines mar the ambience, and tacky little bowls of pretzels are strewn throughout.Well you got you got another thing of pretzels.Some exhibitors offer only pretzels or hard candy.
Origin pretzel (1800-1900) German pretzel, bretzel, from Latin brachiatus having branches like arms