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presidentialpres‧i‧den‧tial /ˌprezɪˈdenʃəl◂/ ●●○ adjective [usually before noun] PGOrelating to a president a presidential election the party’s presidential candidate
Examples from the Corpus
presidentialAnd his political resurrection offers campaign salvation to Bob Dole, whose presidential candidacy Atwater helped to destroy in 1988.Aides to Republican Bob Dole had no immediate comment on whether the cash-strapped presidential candidate would campaign by bus.It has become a cliche to say that presidential candidates are being marketed like bars of soap and boxes of cereal.presidential candidatesThe cult of precision reaches its apotheosis in the presidential code name: Zero One.The vice presidential debate is scheduled Oct. 2 in Hartford, Conn.Sobchak said the presidium's decision was illegal since his instruction had been made in accordance with the presidential decree of January 1991.In the end, the wisdom of prolonging the presidential mandate will be judged by what Hariri delivers.a presidential proclamation