From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresencepres‧ence /ˈprezəns/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 [uncountable] when someone or something is present in a particular place OPP absence Your presence is requested at the club meeting on Friday.presence of Tests revealed the presence of poison in the blood.2 in the presence of somebody3 appearance/manner [uncountable]IMPRESS the ability to appear impressive to people because of your appearance or the way you behave a man of great presence4 official group [singular]HERETHERE a group of people, especially soldiers, who are in a place to control what is happening We will increase police presence in local communities. Soldiers still maintain a military presence in the area.5 business [countable usually singular] the ability to gain sales because your business is strong or noticeable a company with a strong presence in all major world markets6 spirit [countable usually singular]GHOST a spirit or influence that cannot be seen but is felt to be near They felt a strange presence in the deserted house.7 make your presence feltCOLLOCATIONSverbsindicate the presence of something/somebodyThese plants indicate the presence of underground water.reveal the presence of something/somebodyExcavations revealed the presence of an ancient burial ground.detect the presence of something/somebodyThey invented a device for detecting the presence of submarines.confirm the presence of something/somebodyTests confirmed the presence of an infection.explain the presence of something/somebodyHow could he possibly explain the presence of so much money in his flat?notice somebody's presenceIf he had noticed her presence, he gave no sign.sense somebody's presence (=be aware that someone is present without seeing them)The man sensed his presence at once and turned sharply.acknowledge somebody's presence (=speak to someone or make a sign to show that you know they are present)He acknowledged my presence with a quick wave.phrasesbe/become aware of somebody's presenceIt was only when I coughed that he became aware of my presence.
Examples from the Corpus
presenceAs a result, a housing association presence has been achieved in a number of relatively small villages.It was as if an evil presence lived in the room.The sale gives USAir a greater presence in the Northeast.The sudden cessation of the drumming was, peculiarly, more unnerving than its presence.I feel now that I am in touch with Belinda, even though I miss her physical presence.There was a strong police presence at the march.The ambassador's presence at the reception was a surprise.It was a sombre meal in spite of Mark's presence.The African dancers have a powerful stage presence.However, the presence of the word charity never did guarantee goodwill.In the presence of malignancy it is known that different tissues can respond in different ways.That is, they can frame the night with their presence.presence ofBecause of the presence of chemicals, many fish are inedible.military presenceHowever, this is a much larger military presence than during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.She was also dimly aware of his powerful military presence and immaculate clothes, and a slight, well-disguised limp.The Territorial Army provides a reassuring military presence throughout the country.They were attacking Britain's military presence on the island rather than addressing the environmental concerns.An agreement on Kurdish autonomy would bring the Kurds back to their towns and villages, rendering a western military presence superfluous.