Word family noun condition precondition conditioner conditioning adjective conditionalunconditional verb condition adverb conditionallyunconditionally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreconditionpre‧con‧di‧tion /ˌpriːkənˈdɪʃən/ noun [countable] CONDITION/something THAT MUST BE DONEsomething that must happen or exist before something else can happenprecondition of/for A ceasefire is a precondition for talks.
Examples from the Corpus
preconditionThe point I am making is that pedagogic research calls for the independent appraisal of ideas as a precondition to their application.For example, the experimental style of psychology is very often treated as a precondition of effective theorising.The president has demanded that the rebels turn in their weapons as a precondition to any talks.Our study grows out of this body of theory about the characteristics and preconditions of the culture of democracy.In this sense, the unpredictability of all that happens in the church is a necessary precondition of freedom.Secondly, industrial expansion is not a necessary precondition for the appearance of large cities.One of the most obvious preconditions for economic growth is a stable government.For too long, John Major and his government had used these preconditions to frustrate the peace process.Diplomatic sources stressed Netanyahu had offered a resumption of the negotiations that broke down a year ago without preconditions.We want to negotiate without preconditions.precondition of/forStatewide tests could become a precondition for high school graduation.This demand remained a precondition for the North agreeing to a non-aggression declaration with the South.The course will appeal to advanced level students interested in pursuing conceptual issues about the nature and preconditions of politics.The new recommendations made no reference to reduction of infant and child mortality as preconditions of fertility reduction.Because otherwise we shall not even have the most elementary preconditions for this development ... By all means!The latter was an essential precondition for greater output; but the towns benefited from it too.The abolition of serfdom would therefore be a necessary precondition of free labour mobility.Secondly, industrial expansion is not a necessary precondition for the appearance of large cities.Digitalness is probably a necessary precondition for Darwinism itself to work.