power politics

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power politicsˈpower ˌpolitics noun [uncountable] PPOLITICSwhen a country or person attempts to get power and influence by using or threatening to use force or other actions, especially against another country
Examples from the Corpus
power politicsThe second thing you learn, however, is that this is not simply a power politics street fight.What startles is the play's modernity: it accords with our own scepticism about power politics.If ever there were a sign that money and power politics can be a lethal mix, this was it.As such she became integral to international strategic thinking and power politics in subsequent years.The closer you get to old fashioned power politics, the more the classic assets of old fashioned power matter.It's the same in power politics.International politics, he claimed, was the domain not of morality but of power politics.Cambodia has long been a victim of power politics.The novel departs clearly from Anthony Hope's tale in this element of the power politics of the 1920s.