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powerpow‧er1 /ˈpaʊə $ paʊr/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 control [uncountable]POWER the ability or right to control people or eventspowerful, powerlesspower over People should have more power over the decisions that affect their lives.power-mad/power-crazy/power-hungry (=wanting too much power) power-hungry politicians2 government [uncountable]POWER the position of having political control of a country or governmentin power The voters have once again shown their support for the party in power.come/rise to power (=start having political control) De Gaulle came to power in 1958. They seized power in a military coup.3 influence [uncountable]EFFECT/INFLUENCE the ability to influence people or give them strong feelingspowerful, powerlesspower of the power of his writing the immense power of television the pulling power (=ability to attract people or attention) of major celebritiesstudent/black/consumer etc power (=the political or social influence a particular group has)4 right/authority [countable, uncountable]POWER the right or authority to do something The police have been given special powers to help them in the fight against terrorism.power to do something The committee has the power to order an enquiry.power of arrest/veto etc The chairman has the power of veto on all decisions.5 ability [countable, uncountable]CAN a natural or special ability to do something After the accident she lost the power of speech (=ability to speak).powers of observation/concentration/persuasion a writer’s powers of observation your mental powers a stone with magical powers 6 energy [uncountable]TP energy that can be used to make a machine work or to make electricitynuclear/wind/solar etc power Many people are opposed to the use of nuclear power. the search for renewable sources of powerunder power The ship was able to leave port under its own power (=without help from another machine, ship etc).7 earning/purchasing/bargaining etc power8 strength [uncountable]STRONG PERSON the physical strength or effect of somethingpowerful the power of a cheetah’s long legs The power of the explosion smashed windows across the street.9 electricity [uncountable]TPE electricity that is used in houses, factories etc Make sure the power is switched off first.power cut/failure/outage (=a short time when the electricity supply is not working) Parts of the country have had power cuts because of the storms. The power came back on.10 air/sea power11 strong country [countable]COUNTRY/NATION a country that is strong and important and can influence events, or that has a lot of military strengthpowerful, powerless Egypt is still a major power in the Middle East.world power (=a country that can influence events in different parts of the world)see thesaurus at country12 be in/within somebody’s power (to do something)13 be beyond somebody’s power (to do something)14 be in somebody’s power15 do somebody a power of good16 mathematics [countable]HM if a number is increased to the power of three, four, five etc, it is multiplied by itself three, four, five etc times 17 the powers that be18 lens [uncountable] technical the ability of a lens, for example in a pair of glasses or a microscope, to make things look bigger19 the powers of good/evil/darkness20 a power in the land21 the power behind the throne22 power trip staying power, balance of power, high-poweredCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the ability or right to control people or eventsverbshave powerPeople who have power never seem to use it to help others.get/gain powerWomen were trying to gain power in a male-dominated world.use your power (also exercise (your) power formal)The party will use all its power and influence to raise the issue in the Senate.Questions have been asked about the way the police exercised their power.wield power formal (=use power – used when someone has a lot of power)The Church still wields enormous power in the country.adjectivesgreat/huge/enormousThe central banks have huge power.limitedThe king's power was limited.political/economic/military powercountries with little economic powerabsolute power (=total power, with no limits)Parents had absolute power over children in those days.unbridled power (=without any controls)Certain wealthy men exercised unbridled power.real powerThe real power lay with the president’s advisers.phrasesa power struggle (=a situation in which groups or leaders try to get control)The country is locked in a power struggle between forces favouring and opposing change.the balance of powerThere has been a shift in the balance of power between the two countries.a position of power (=a job or role that gives someone power)Many of them were using their positions of power for personal advantage.an abuse of power (=a wrong or unfair use of power)This cover-up is a scandalous abuse of power. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the position of having political control of a country or governmentverbsbe in powerThe law was passed when the Democrats were in power.come to power (=start being in control)Tony Blair came to power in 1997.take power (=start being in control, usually without an election)Many people fled after the military took power last September.seize power (=take power by force)His son seized power in a military coup.assume power formal (=take power)He assumed power after the assassination of the former president.win power (=win an election)The prime minister is facing his toughest challenge since winning power.rise to powerThe Roman emperor Vespasian rose to power through command of an army.return/be returned to power (=start being in control again, usually after an election)The party was returned to power with a reduced majority.hold power (=be in power)Economic disaster befell the country during the decade when he held power.restore somebody to power (=put someone in control of a country again)In 2004, the army restored him to power.sweep to power (=win an election easily)Reagan swept to power by promising reforms.cling to power (=not lose it, or try not to lose it)Mao Tse-tung, the leader of the 1949 Communist revolution, clung to power for 27 years.phrasessomebody’s rise to powerThe programme examines Saddam Hussein’s rise to power.somebody’s return to powerChurchill’s return to power had an immediate effect upon Anglo-American relations. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: a natural or special ability to do somethingadjectivesmental powersIs it possible to enhance your mental powers?creative powersA music teacher should have a real interest in developing children’s creative powers.healing powersThe water was supposed to have healing powers.magical/special/miraculous powersDiamonds were once thought to have magical powers.phrasesthe power of speechI was so surprised that I momentarily lost the power of speech.the power of flightSome birds have lost the power of flight over millions of years.powers of observationExperience improves our powers of observation, since it teaches us what to look for.powers of concentrationAs you get older, your powers of concentration may decrease.powers of persuasionShe used all her powers of persuasion to convince Tilly that the move was a good idea.be at the height of your powers (=be at a time in your life when your abilities are strongest)Fonteyn was still at the height of her powers as a dancer.verbslose a powerHe was a brilliant speaker, who never lost the power to influence people.somebody’s powers are failing/waning (=becoming less good)Mark felt that his creative powers were waning. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 6: energy that can be used to make a machine work or to make electricityADJECTIVES/NOUN + powernuclear powerThe accident raised doubts about the safety of nuclear power.solar power (=energy produced by sunlight)They use solar power for all their heating.wind power (=energy produced by the wind)Is wind power the answer to the energy crisis?wave power (=energy produced by waves in the sea)Wave power can be used to generate electricity.hydroelectric power (=energy produced by flowing water)The factory is run on hydroelectric power.steam power (=energy produced from steam)Early engines were driven by steam power.phrasesa source of powerOne problem is their reliance on coal as the main source of power. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 11: a country that is strong and important and can influence events, or that has a lot of military strengthADJECTIVES/NOUN + powera great powerBritain wanted to maintain her status as a great power.a major power (=very important one)There will be representatives from all the world's major powers at the conference.a world power (=one with influence all over the world)The United States had replaced Great Britain as the dominant world power.a military/naval power (=with a very strong army or navy)Russia had become a naval power equal to Spain.a foreign powerHe was charged with spying for a foreign power.
Examples from the Corpus
powera power sourceA power struggle developed between the president and the generals.the enormous economic power of the United StatesFrance was the only European power not to sign the treaty.He was motivated by greed, envy, and the lust for power.Displaced from power, he had to toil in a humble farmhouse outside Florence.Yet there was an opening for Rice if he carefully adapted his power strategies to the political situation.Iran is a major power in the Persian Gulf region.Do you think the police have too much power?A dynamometer is used to measure muscle power.She liked the feeling of power that gang membership gave her.It sounds like you've got a lot of power at work.The big Hollywood studios have a lot of power over what kind of films get made.But women earn only about three-fourths of the incomes earned by men, who still dominate the boardrooms and political power centers.This was done by widening the participation in the exercise of political power.She claims to have psychic powers.And kings, in particular, have both the incentive and the power to achieve their wishes.The ostrich is a bird that no longer has the power of flight.Only Parliament has the power to make new laws.Of much greater practical significance, and by no means obsolete, is the power to punish for contempt.Doctors cannot explain why some people lack the power to fight off the disease.Not withstanding this limitation, the powers contained in the section do not restrict any other express or implied rights of action.She was so surprised that for a few seconds she lost the power of speech.Mike had tremendous power in his forearms.There are various power conservancy options like three levels of screen brightness, and variable times for screen and disk power-down.China has threatened to use its veto power in the Security Council.The western powers hardly knew how to react to this threat.Germany's strong industrial base has helped maintain its status as a major world power.power overLocal governments have little power over cable television companies.Many people see poverty as something we have little power over.in powerThe Socialists have been in power since the 1965 revolution.He's been in power now for eight years.Gorbachev could not have remained in power without the support of the Red Army.The Congress Party in India lost its legislative majority in the late 1970s after nearly thirty years in power. student/black/consumer etc powerIn a racially divided Boston after the advent of civil rights, the sisters are sent to a Black Power school.Talking about black power with their hands and their pockets empty.In other words, the working class characteristics of low economic resources and consumer power no longer applied.I don't care about rock festivals or black power or student revolutions or going to the Moon.All these fellers screaming black power yet when was the last time one of them purchased airfare to the dark continent.Tee shirts had the black power fist, Angela Davis and Che Guevara printed on them.One way to help is to give these students power.power of arrest/veto etcIt also carries a power of arrest; a constable may arrest without warrant anyone whom he reasonably suspects is committing affray.The police, of course, have extensive powers of arrest; but these powers are not unlimited.As sanctions in the event of non-compliance, the peace keeper has powers of arrest, or detention short of arrest.The chamber refused to give magistrates power of arrest over the five, however.It will not carry police powers of arrest and search of premises.Suggestions in the bill for an independent panel of experts to be given the power of veto over the research were rejected.Authors should have the power of veto over blurbs - the book deserved a better one than this.Voice over Police are already monitoring the movements of travellers convoys and the exclusion order will give them widespread powers of arrest.powers of observation/concentration/persuasionBut in this modern scientific era, geophysicists' powers of observation are extraordinarily advanced.Her powers of observations however, remained no less acute.The president could have moved mountains with a golden economy and his powers of persuasion, but he didn't.The United States had towns and industries that were already flourishing; it also had immense powers of persuasion and assimilation.But his wariness, his incessant powers of observation and vigilance, set him apart from others.Speechreading increases powers of concentration and sharpens the mind wonderfully.He would listen in, showing more powers of concentration than he ever did at work.The greatest athletes are legendary for their powers of concentration. under its own powerThe water, carried in pressure aqueducts and siphons, could arrive under its own power.The ship is sailing for Scotland under its own power.It moved three quarters of a mile downwind where it managed to hold station under its own power.power cut/failure/outageFor example, the specialist Sun Frost range keeps food fresh for weeks rather than days if a power cut occurs.The average freezer will keep food frozen for two days in the time of a blackout or a power failure.A drop in voltage can be more serious than a power cut.Customers of San Diego Gas & Electric had power failures that lasted an average of 57 minutes that year.Energy crisis Periodic power cuts were imposed from Oct. 29 after electricity supplies from the Soviet Union were suddenly suspended.Finally, an emergency lighting kit should always be ready in an accessible place, in case of a sudden power failure.From retail stores to hospitals to universities, doors remained open as back-up generators kicked in almost immediately following the power outage.world powerIn literature, if in little else, Britain was again a world power.The first stemmed from Britain's own decline as a world power.China is regaining its place as a world power, a status it enjoyed for 3,000 years and lost only a few centuries ago.Britain became a world power because it handled four institutions supremely well.The United States had replaced Great Britain as the dominant world power.The United States had replaced Great Britain as the dominant world power.Nor was the United States the dominant world power it had been in 1945.And never suppose that the other great world powers are unaware of the effects exchange programs can have.For most of the time the United States played little part in the organization of world power except in the Far East.Gradually, watching world powers responding differently as new crises emerged, it fell into place.
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powerpower2 ●○○ verb 1 [transitive]TP to supply power to a vehicle or machine It’s powered by a Ferrari V12 engine.Grammar Power is usually passive in this meaning.2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION to move with a lot of force and speed His strong body powered through the water. high-powered power something ↔ up
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Examples from the Corpus
powerUndergravel filtration is powered by two Aquaclear 402 powerheads.Most chain saws are powered by two-cycle gasoline engines.Yet breaking the endless cycle of global poverty that powers these wars is achievable, Mr Annan says.
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powerpower3 adjective [only before noun] 1 TPdriven by an electric motor power tools power shower2 power breakfast/lunch etc3 power suit
Examples from the Corpus
powerpower steeringDoes this car have power windows?
From King Business Dictionarypowerpow‧er1 /ˈpaʊəpaʊr/ noun1[uncountable] the ability or right to control people, organizations, events etcI’m against giving too much power to one man.power overCongress’s power over federal spendingHe plans to resign after losing a power struggle within the firm.2[countable, uncountable]LAW the right or authority to do somethingThe lawmakers approved the President’s demands for special powers to implement change.He had almost unlimited executive powers to restructure the organization as he saw fit.The Board of Trade invoked emergency powers (=special powers used to deal with an unusual dangerous situation) to stop an attempt to limit the soybean market. banking power borrowing powers underwriting power3[countable] a country or organization that is strong and has a lot of influenceThe US is still the world’s leading economic power.a global financial powera war between film producers and some of cable TV’s biggest powers4[uncountable] an ability to do something, influence a situation etcthe incredible power of advertisingthe job-generating power of small firms bargaining power buyer power buying power earning power grey power market power pester power pricing power purchasing power spending power5[uncountable] energy that is used to make electricity, electricity itself, and the industries that produce itTurn the power on with the switch.doubts about the safety of nuclear powerrenewable energy, such as wind and solar power (=power from the sun’s energy)6[uncountable] the ability of a machine to perform workSupercomputers use multiple processors to vastly increase computing power and speed.powerpower2 verb1[transitive] to supply power to a vehicle or machineThe car will be powered by electricity.2gas-powered/nuclear-powered etc working by means of gas, NUCLEAR ENERGY etcgas-powered turbines power up→ See Verb tablepowerpower3 adjective [only before a noun]1driven by a motorpower tools2informal showing that you are an important person in a business organizationIf you think you can have a power career and a fulfilling family life, you’re crazy.the director’s power lunches with movie moguls in trendy restaurantsa power nap (=a short sleep during the day that allows you to work more effectively later)Origin power1 (1200-1300) Old French poeir, from poeir to be able, from Latin potere; POTENT