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potterypot‧ter‧y /ˈpɒtəri $ ˈpɑː-/ ●●○ noun (plural potteries) 1 [uncountable]TIP objects made out of baked clay Native American pottery2 [uncountable] clay that has been shaped and baked in order to make pots, dishes etc a pottery bowl3 [uncountable]TIP the activity of making pots, dishes etc out of clay a pottery class4 [countable]TIPTIF a factory where pottery objects are made
Examples from the Corpus
potteryThrough past study a broadly accepted relative chronology for Beaker pottery had been developed.experts in potteryAmerican Indian potteryExamination of pottery scatters might help in this, and in some ways we can consider pieces of pottery as documentary references.They appear over and over again, on pottery and statues.Money in the drapes, and in the pottery that had a shelf to itself by the wide, dark wood staircase.When the siblings realized that the pottery was to be used in pagan rituals, they smashed the entire stock to pieces.This has been due to the lack of understanding of the origins of this pottery.Roofs were made of thatch, or covered with pottery tiles which the Romans were the first to make in Britain.