From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_269_dpotpot1 /pɒt $ pɑːt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 cooking_pot.jpg cooking [countable]DFU a container used for cooking which is round, deep, and usually made of metal pots and panspot of There was a big pot of soup on the stove.2 for a plant [countable]DLG a container for a plant, usually made of plastic or baked clay herbs growing in pots3 tea/coffee [countable]DFU a container with a handle and a small tube for pouring, used to make tea or coffee Is there any tea left in the pot?pot of I’ll make a pot of coffee. coffee pot, teapot4 for food, paint etc [countable] British EnglishDFU a round container for storing foods such as jam that are slightly liquid, or for substances such as glue or paintpot of a pot of blue paintjam/paint/yoghurt etc pot5 bowl/dish etc [countable]TIP a dish, bowl, plate, or another container that is made by shaping clay and then baking itpottery an earthenware pot6 go to pot7 pots of money8 the pot9 drug [uncountable] old-fashioned informalMDD marijuana Michael was smoking pot with some friends. 10 (a case of) the pot calling the kettle black11 stomach [countable] a potbelly12 hit a ball [countable] British English the act of hitting a ball into one of the pockets (=holes at the edge of the table) in games such as billiards, pool, and snooker13 toilet [countable] informal a toilet chamber pot, chimney pot, flowerpot, lobsterpot, melting pot
Examples from the Corpus
potpots and pansIt's like firing a pot.She ordered a pot of tea for one.a pot of honeyDo you think I should put it in a bigger pot?a coffee potToo big for a cooking pot, too small for a bath, Mrs Kim-Soon decided.However it's unlikely her pot belly will disappear.Put the peel in a large pot of water and boil it until the peel becomes tender.Corning's high-quality, high-priced pots and pans are more vulnerable to recession than more humble vessels.broken shards of Roman potsa soup potSugar sweetens the pot as in-season fruits are added.We watered the pots of white geraniums which bordered an improvised set of steps, boards on bricks, covered with sheets.pots and pansAnd yet this high-tech portfolio looks strange beside pots and pans, which continue to account for 28% of its sales.Day in, day out, it cleans pots and pans as well as plates.That explains why the firm has been so reluctant to shed its pots and pans.There are my pots and pans.Corning's high-quality, high-priced pots and pans are more vulnerable to recession than more humble vessels.As she rattles pots and pans, she talks about life on the canal.In the cockpit everything was sodden crew, cookers, ropes, pots and pans.To Dede, washing pots and pans in the back of the Chatterbox, the snow came as quite a thrill.jam/paint/yoghurt etc potThe children soon got the idea and sorted things of similar size and shape, e.g. egg boxes and yoghurt pots.I put some plants into old paint pots and hung them from the joists in the veranda roof.And that day all the eels and sticks and stray paint pots rushed past on their way to the sea.Then Sam had thrown her a pleading look, like a naughty little boy caught with his finger in the jam pot.The jam spoon is in the jam pot.smoking potThere are languorous afternoons and evenings swimming and smoking pot.I used to love driving a standard, especially when I was drinking or you know smoking pot and everything.We apparently had surprised them because there were still smoking pots with food in them.Now at 13, he was smoking pot and planning to pierce his ear, eyebrow and lip.I mean, we were smoking pot at twelve and thirteen, smoking with Tunner.
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potpot2 verb (potted, potting) [transitive] 1 DLG (also pot up British English) to put a plant into a pot filled with soil Pot the seedlings after 2–3 weeks.2 DGS British English to hit a ball into one of the pockets (=holes at the edge of the table) in games such as billiards, pool, and snooker SYN pocket
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Examples from the Corpus
potOnce well formed, remove the polythene bag and allow to grow on for a few weeks before potting on each plant singly.Foster stood by the doorway of the hotel, next to a potted palm.White clinched a quarter-final place when he potted the last red and colours to the pink in the deciding frame.
Origin pot1 Old English pott