Word family noun post postage postie posting adjective postal verb post
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postalpost‧al /ˈpəʊstl $ ˈpoʊs-/ adjective [only before noun] 1 TCMrelating to the official system which takes letters from one place to another the U.S. postal service postal workers an increase in postal charges2 relating to sending things by post Candidates are chosen by a postal ballot of all party members.postal vote British English Housebound voters should register early for a postal vote.3 go postal
Examples from the Corpus
postalShould both sides of a case be heard before the postal ballot?He was born in 1855 in Dublin, Ireland, where his father was a postal clerk.Data was collected using a postal questionnaire sent to just over 3,000 people in two regions - Bristol and Manchester.Internal printing and postal services were reviewed during the year and a reduction from four to three staff was made.To maintain rapport in a postal survey we must always put ourselves in the position of the respondent.Federal authorities said Thursday night they were concerned that more letter bombs could be circulating in the postal system.Also patron of clerics, messengers, postal workers, radio workers, stamp collectors, telecommunications workers, and television workers.postal workerspostal workersAlso patron of clerics, diplomats, messengers, postal workers, radio workers, telecommunications workers, and television workers.The five unions who called the indefinite strike said up to 80 percent of postal workers stayed away from work in some areas.postal voteOnly one had a postal vote.Voluntary patients can register on the electoral roll and can have postal votes.Something similar may also have happened in Martin county, where 9,770 postal votes are at stake.Telephone canvassing, postal votes, the party machine at Labour's Millbank headquarters had all the answers.
From King Business Dictionarypostalpost‧al /ˈpəʊstlˈpoʊs-/ adjective [only before a noun] connected with the official system of sending and receiving letters, parcels etcstrikes by postal workersThePostal Service (=official system for delivering letters, parcels etc in the United States) has seen a significantly better financial performance.