Word family noun possibilityimpossibility the impossible possible adjective possibleimpossible adverb possiblyimpossibly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpossiblepos‧si‧ble1 /ˈpɒsəbəl $ ˈpɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective 1 if something is possible, it can be done or achieved OPP impossible Is it possible to get tickets for the game? It might be possible for the documents to be sent over. Computer technology makes it possible for many people to work from home. I want to avoid the rush hour traffic if possible. I walk or use public transport whenever possible. We are doing everything possible to track down the killer. Our staff will help you in every way possible. Even if it were technically possible, we do not have the money to do it. She decided to stay as far away from him as was humanly possible.2 as soon/quickly/much etc as possible3 a possible answer, cause etc might be true There seem to be only two possible explanations. the possible causes of a child’s learning difficultiesit is possible (that) It’s possible that the letter got lost in the post.4 a possible event or thing might happen or exist Heavy rain is possible later in the day. the possible effect on the health of local people You need to look at the possible consequences of your actions. In Hollywood, anything is possible (=anything can happen, even though it may seem very unlikely).5 the best/biggest/fastest etc possible6 would it be possible (for somebody) to do sth?COLLOCATIONSphrasesit is possible to do somethingFrom the hilltop it was possible to see the sea.make it possible to do somethingMedical advances have made it possible to keep more patients alive.if possible (also if at all possible)If possible, take light exercise first thing in the morning.where/wherever/whenever possibleChoose wholemeal varieties of flour and pasta, where possible.do everything possibleWe must do everything possible to limit our impact on the Earth's environment.in every way possibleThe company helped promote the scheme in every way possible.adverbsperfectly/quite possible (=definitely possible)Combining a family with a career is perfectly possible .theoretically possible (=possible in theory, but difficult and unlikely)It is theoretically possible for all students to get full marks.technically possible (=possible with the technology available)Amendments to software may be technically possible, but are inadvisable.humanly possible (=possible for anyone)It is not humanly possible to work for more than fifteen hours a day. THESAURUSpossible if something is possible, it can be done or achievedI think it’s possible that we could win the race.I want to get back by 5 o'clock if possible.Please let me know your answer as soon as possible.feasible if an idea or plan is feasible, it is possible and you can find a practical way of doing itWe need to find out first if the idea is technically feasible.It is not feasible to have security cameras in every part of the building.Da Silva considered it feasible that uranium could be produced on an industrial scale.viable possible and likely to be successful, and therefore worth doingNuclear energy is the only viable alternative to coal or gas.The product needs to be commercially viable. We have yet to find a viable solution to the problem. The company was no longer financially viable (=it could not make enough money to be able to continue).workable a workable plan, system, or solution is one that can be done or usedBy early morning, they had arrived at a workable and safe solution.The company would have a tough job convincing people that the deal was workable.doable informal if something is doable, you have enough money, energy, or skill to do itThis exercise programme is doable for most people.Do you think the walk is doable?Hosting great parties is fun, easy, and doable on any budget.The book is full of interesting and doable recipes.achievable (also attainable formal) able to be achievedA 15% cut in carbon emissions is achievable.Perfect democracy is not attainable, nor is perfect freedom or perfect justice.realistic if something is realistic, it seems sensible to think that it can be done or achieveda realistic targetTheir expectations didn’t seem very realistic.It is important to set yourself realistic goals.
Examples from the Corpus
possibleTravel to other planets may soon be possible.We must get her to the hospital as quickly as possible.We will deal with all complaints as soon as is humanly possible.You can't be a Muslim and a Catholic at the same time - it's just not possible.I planned on saying as little as possible.I want to get back by 5 o'clock if possible.Please let me know your answer as soon as possible.technological changes and their possible effects on our livesIt is possible for more than one person to win the competition.What makes it possible for the speaker to communicate this to the hearer?Accidents are always possible in heavy industries like mining.Echoes of the signal alert them to possible prey, at ranges up to 80-90 metres in shallow waters.It is therefore easier to prevent development on the basis of the precautionary principle, rather than look for possible solutions.It is possible that the children are still alive.Sudden snowstorms are always possible this time of year.They're as unique as it is possible to be without splitting at the seams.Is it possible to find a room in a good hotel for less than $100?It is seldom possible to give a general overall clearance of a product for all export markets.The doctors did everything possible to save her life.Here's a list of possible topics for your next essay.The only possible way a woman could rise in class was to marry into a family of higher social standing than her own.Detectives can now check every criminal's records, which wouldn't be possible without computers.humanly possibleAcquaint yourselves with it as soon as is humanly possible.If so, will he ensure that a police officer accompanies every military patrol whenever humanly possible?Our Government is fashioned to fulfill this concept so far as humanly possible.The task at hand was to devise an immediate gathering of the vestry and to make it as splendid as humanly possible.What she must do was concentrate on getting her memory back so that she could get home to them as soon as humanly possible.Although speechreaders learn the necessity for keen attention and mental focus, it is not humanly possible to focus attention all day.They demanded attention which it was not humanly possible to give.He should be punished for as long as it is humanly possible to punish him.it is possible (that)In this way it is possible for a marble statue to wave at us.This survey shows it is possible for sufferers to help themselves effectively as our programme has proved.On the latter point it is possible for the public to judge since proceedings in both houses of Parliament are now televised.So you're saying it's possible that Mark did it.First, it is possible that the volatiles were borne on the small bodies from which the planets accreted.Hence, it is possible to guarantee the same perfect result time after time.The radial shields are usually covered although in some specimens it is possible to see the outline of distal end.But it is possible to work with people who have had no previous experience of teaching or drama.Iain Gordon I don't think it is possible without help from another program.anything is possibleAt this age, anything is possible.Early this month reputable polls showed that anything is possible.I haven't time to really listen and get good feedback from my kids ... In imagination anything is possible.In Hollywood, we must remember, anything is possible.With it, anything is possible.If anything is possible, that certainly is.Once you have the rules, almost anything is possible within those rules.
possiblepossible2 noun [countable] SUITABLEsomeone or something that might be suitable or acceptable for a particular purpose Frank’s a possible for the job.
Examples from the Corpus
possibleDern is another possible for the award.It's a device which when read by scanner, gives a unique code; one of 34 billion possibles.There were other possibles - mostly underworld figures - but I discounted them as red herrings.He assumed that this could only be because he was one of the possibles.
Origin possible1 (1300-1400) French Latin possibilis, from posse to be able