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porchporch /pɔːtʃ $ pɔːrtʃ/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 British EnglishDHH an entrance covered by a roof outside the front door of a house or church2 American EnglishDHH a structure built onto the front or back entrance of a house, with a floor and a roof but no walls
Examples from the Corpus
porchFor details, see the poster in the church porch.The bay that formed the hall would have an entry porch to act as an airlock on the road side.So Johnny Appleseed lay down on the front porch and went to sleep.They were sitting on the front porch drinking beer.She showed him to a little room off the kitchen porch.I went right up the front walk, mounted the porch steps and rang the bell, then rang it again.Some children even go into the yard and on the porch of the house.Running the length of the forward strut was a ladder for the astronauts to descend from the top porch to the surface.The western porch below, surmounted by its rose window, is sculptured.
Origin porch (1200-1300) Old French porche, from Latin porticus, from porta gate