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populistpop‧u‧list /ˈpɒpjəlɪst $ ˈpɑː-/ adjective PPrelating to or representing ordinary people, rather than rich or very highly educated people a populist campaignpopulist noun [countable]populism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
populistBut, as Marx saw long ago, free-market capitalism is quintessentially populist and inherently subversive of traditions and rituals.Edwards is seen as a populist Democrat.The Vanguard faction, on the other hand, does not discard populist nationalism and racism.And the new genre of populist politicians will have to deliver far more than free elections.However, the bill was revised in parliament by Solidarity politicians bowing to populist pressures.Thaksin needs a large amount of funds if he is to honour the populist promises that got him elected.There seem to be uh a possibility, a potential for a popular reaction, a populist reaction.His longtime friends describe his populist style as no political gimmick.It is a populist, ultranationalist and xenophobic party of the kind that thrives in times of crisis.