Word family noun popularityunpopularity popularization adjective popularunpopular verb popularize adverb popularly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpopularpop‧u‧lar1 /ˈpɒpjələ $ ˈpɑːpjəposlər/ ●●● S2 W1 adjective 1 POPULARliked by a lot of people OPP unpopular Hilary was popular at school. a popular holiday resort Coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world.hugely/enormously/immensely etc popular Guerrero’s music is hugely popular in Latin America.popular with/among The president is very popular with Jewish voters.2 [only before noun]LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT done by a lot of people in a society, group etc the closest popular vote in U.S. presidential history The government has little popular support among women voters. Kaplan’s latest recording has received considerable popular acclaim (=it is liked by a lot of people).popular belief/opinion/view (=a belief, opinion etc that a lot of people have) a survey of Hispanic-American popular opinion Contrary to popular belief (=in spite of what many people believe), gorillas are basically shy, gentle creatures. a popular movement for democracy3 [only before noun]CLASS IN SOCIETY relating to ordinary people, or intended for ordinary people Wintour’s writing is full of references to American popular culture. Steele was ridiculed by the popular press. pop musicCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: liked by a lot of peopleadverbsvery popularShe was a very popular teacher.extremely popularThe restaurant is extremely popular, owing to its high standard of food.highly popular (=extremely popular)a highly popular radio stationimmensely/hugely/enormously popularHis plays were immensely popular.wildly popular (=extremely popular – used especially about something that excites people)These bands are wildly popular in Cuba.phenomenally popular (=extremely popular, to a degree that is surprising or unusual)Still her books remain phenomenally popular.increasingly popularBusiness management courses are increasingly popular.universally popular (=liked by everyone)Some foods are universally popular.enduringly/perennially popular (=always popular)His most enduringly popular film is ‘Singin' in the Rain’.genuinely popularHe became Russia's first genuinely popular politician in a long time. THESAURUSpopular liked by a lot of peoplea popular restaurantMarmaris is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations.His films were hugely popular.well-liked used about someone who many people likeHe is an experienced and well-liked member of the team.Stein is well-respected and well-liked by the troops.big/huge [not before noun] informal very popular, especially in a particular placeThe band are big in Europe.Apparently this type of game is huge in Japan. hot informal someone or something that is hot, is very popular or fashionable and everyone wants to use them, see them, buy them etcone of this year’s hottest fashion trends a hot young singer from Nashvillesomething that is popularbestseller a book that a lot of people buyHis prize-winning book ‘A Year in Provence’ became an international bestseller.blockbuster a film that a lot of people watch, especially an exciting filma Hollywood blockbustera blockbuster moviehit something such as a song, show, or film which is very popular and successfulThe band played all their old hits.The film was a box-office hit (=a lot of people went to see it at the cinema).She stars in ABC’s hit show ‘Desperate Housewives’.sell-out a concert, sports event etc which so many people want to see that all the tickets are soldThe concert was a sell-out.the band’s sell-out tour of the UScult movie/band/figure etc a film, band, person etc that has become very popular and fashionable with a particular group of peoplea cult TV programmecraze something that suddenly becomes popular, so that a lot of people do it, buy it etcthe latest dance craze that has been sweeping the USthe craze for ultra expensive designer jeansfad informal something that is very popular for a short time – used about something that you disapprove of, which you do not think will last for very longMost diets are just fads.I think it’s a passing fad. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: done by a lot of people in a society, group etcnounspopular supportThere was widespread popular support for the new law.popular demandShe will be performing here again next month, by popular demand.popular belief/opinionContrary to popular belief, cats are solitary animals.the popular viewThe popular view bears little relation to the known facts.a popular misconception (=a wrong idea that many people have)There is a popular misconception that the town is at the most northerly tip of the country.the popular voteHe won the presidency with almost 86 percent of the popular vote.the popular imaginationThe characters in the series failed to catch the popular imagination.
Examples from the Corpus
popularSmall, simple, cosy and extremely popular.Old-fashioned names are getting popular again.Swaps that deal brokers out of small share sales Share exchanges are an increasingly popular alternative for investors to selling small holdings.Contrary to popular belief, the Australian desert is often full of wildlife."Cracker Jacks" are a snack with a long history in American popular culture.popular entertainment such as TVChef Tony Rea said a popular entree is ostrich pepper steak in a wine sauce for $ 22. 95.Hus quickly became a popular figure in Bohemia.Lisa's one of the most popular girls in class.Jazz has been popular in Japan since the 1960s.Western popular prints and Soviet official art both displayed a penchant for landscapes, flower pieces, still lifes and genre.The answer becomes clear when one looks deeper into the history of popular religiosity and superstition in Sicily.There is still a lot popular support for the ex-president.The Sears Tower is a popular tourist destination.I don't accept the popular view that all criminals should be put in prison.Karen Quinlan falls into this third category, despite initial medical and popular views to the contrary.The drama was popular with the complete social spectrum.Chatlines have proved very popular with young people.popular with/amongThe aircraft is popular among commuter airlines.Oddly enough, what makes Gingrich so popular with conservative Republicans is also what can make him unpopular with others.A snowstorm in rural Iowa might hurt Dole, the Kansas senator who is popular among farmers.For this reason it has proved popular with Local Authorities.This approach has been popular with teaching staff who are not known for being slow to complain about their administrative load.It became very popular with the men of our company.My approach was successful and I was popular with the pupils, the parents, and the headmaster.Its inhabitants used to perform only for themselves, but for the past 130 years productions have been popular with visitors.popular movementI learned something about the difference between a serious and quiet pursuit and a popular movement.The arenas hired for these meetings seemed to match the modern creed of the new popular movement.By 1984 the popular movement against the excesses and injustices of the Marcos regime was well-developed.The history of popular movements and popular disturbances.In agriculture, the popular movement began to respond to the kind of difficulties that farmers like those in Zubaydat had encountered.After 1848, the popular movement declined.Just why Fitzthomas threw in his lot so completely with Montfort and the popular movement in the city is unclear.popular cultureBesides, the Falklands had a huge impact on popular culture.In another single-room installation, 15 photographs by Diane Arbus explore the psychology of popular culture.Photo: Elaine Prisk, 1997 popular culture.Poetry, popular culture and self-respect.There were deliberate attempts to develop elements of both high and popular culture in music, poetry, dance, and games.First, consider the reactionary popular culture in which this debate is taking place.Pastiche and lack of originality in popular culture is therefore seen as the result.In the case of the majority popular culture which the Committee seeks to de-legitimize, the situation is seen very differently.
popularpopular2 noun [countable usually plural] American English informal a student who is popular at school, especially one who is part of a group of popular students At high school she was one of the populars and everyone wanted to be her best friend. Origin popular (1400-1500) Latin popularis, from populus people