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pollsterpoll‧ster /ˈpəʊlstə $ ˈpoʊlstər/ noun [countable] PPVASK A QUESTIONsomeone who works for a company that prepares and asks questions to find out what people think about a particular subject
Examples from the Corpus
pollsterHe complained bitterly after being surprised by Pat Buchanan in an early primary about a pollster whose predictions had been too optimistic.A senior adviser and pollster for Sen.Greenberg was replaced by pollsters Mark Penn and Douglas Schoen.This is an occupational hazard shared by sportswriters and opinion pollsters.Although Lukashenko is tipped to win by the pollsters, already 25 other candidates have said they will stand for the presidency.The pollsters might as well ask them who will win the Derby and whether the weather will be fine.Usually, it comes from the candidates, though, who absolutely hate it when reporters link their principles with their pollsters.
From King Business Dictionarypollsterpoll‧ster /ˈpəʊlstəˈpoʊlstər/ noun [countable] journalism a person or organization that carries out polls