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polkapol‧ka /ˈpɒlkə, ˈpəʊlkə $ ˈpoʊlkə/ noun [countable] APDa very quick simple dance for people dancing in pairs, or a piece of music for this dancepolka verb [intransitive]
Examples from the Corpus
polkaThe orchestra was playing a polka and the audience tapped their feet in time to the rhythm.His pulse was a distant polka retreating into the unknown.The Fifties polka dot is also resurrected in a variety of vibrant pinks and purples.Between them they invented a sort of polka, in which their feet did not get too mixed up.A perennial favourite, the polka dot gets a new lease of life in bold emerald green and brilliant white.
Origin polka (1800-1900) French and German, from Czech pulka half-step, from pul half