From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoliticianpol‧i‧ti‧cian /ˌpɒləˈtɪʃən $ ˌpɑː-/ ●●● W2 noun [countable] 1 POLITICSsomeone who works in politics, especially an elected member of the government politicians who are trying to get the minority vote a British Labour politician2 DEAL WITHsomeone who is skilled at dealing with people or using the situation within an organization to gain an advantage the office politicianCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + politiciana Labour/Republican etc politicianHer mother was a Labour politician.an opposition politician (=belonging to the party that is not in power – used in some political systems)Opposition politicians argued that there was not enough reason to go to war.a left-wing/right-wing politicianHe had been under attack from right-wing politicians for some time.a leading/prominent politicianThe scandal ruined the careers of several leading politicians.a senior politicianTalks between senior politicians in Zagreb and Belgrade took place.a local politicianThe plan is strongly supported by local politicians.an elected politicianAre the country’s elected politicians trustworthy?popularHe is the most popular politician in the country.corrupt (=one who is not honest)They make quiet deals with corrupt politicians.astute/shrewd (=one who is good at getting what he wants done)He proved to be an astute politician.THESAURUSpolitician someone who works in politics, especially an elected member of the governmentsenior politiciansstatesman a political or government leader, especially one who is well-respecteda respected elder statesmangreat statesmen like Roosevelt and ChurchillHe would later describe the king as ‘one of the most brilliant statesmen I have ever been privileged to meet’. MP/Member of Parliament in Britain, someone who has been elected to a parliament to represent people from a particular area of the countryKen Newton, MPcongressman a man who is a member of a congress, especially the US House of Representativesa Republican congressmancongresswoman a woman who is a member of a congress, especially the US House of RepresentativesMrs McKinney was the state’s first black congresswoman.senator a member of the senate, especially in the USSenator Clinton representative in the US, a member of the House of RepresentativesDemocratic Representativesmayor someone who has been elected to lead the government of a town or cityBoris Johnson was elected mayor of London.the former New York mayor, Rudy Giulianispin doctor someone who is used by a political party to influence people’s opinions by cleverly controlling what is reported in the newsThe party spin doctors would like us to believe that the government is committed to improving the environment.
Examples from the Corpus
politicianHargreaves is a clever and ambitious politician.Decisions on large infrastructure projects are usually made by bankers, engineers and politicians.the wife of a leading British politicianHe says the only advantage of a two-year term is that it keeps politicians closer to their constituents.Sadly, that breed of politician had died out.It is also the fact that he and the other politicians in Sacramento control only around a quarter of state spending.As a salesman, I have to be part politician and part psychologist.How different it might have been if Edelman had proposed that politicians enter into a Contract With Children.Although only fifteen at the time of his father's death he soon showed himself to be a cunning and unscrupulous politician.Many right-wing politicians opposed the treaty.