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politicalpo‧lit‧i‧cal /pəˈlɪtɪkəl/ ●●● S2 W1 adjective 1 POLITICSrelating to the government, politics, and public affairs of a countrypolitically Education is now a major political issue. a time of political and social changepolitical party/system/institutions The U.S. has two main political parties. The UN is seeking a political solution rather than a military one. political jokes the workers’ struggle for political power2 SCCrelating to the ways that different people have power within a group, organization etc a purely political decision The appointment was given to Wellington, mainly for political reasons.3 PPPOLITICS[not before noun] interested in or active in politics Most students aren’t very political.4 political footballCOLLOCATIONSnounsa political partyI am not a member of any political party.a political systemOur political system should give ordinary citizens more power.a political leadera strong political leaderpolitical powerThe poor have little political power.political rightsEvery individual should have equal political rights.somebody's political careerHe is facing the biggest decision of his political career.political lifeAt that time women were excluded from the political life of the country.a political issueHealth care has become a major political issue.a political solutionThey are eager for a political solution after years of war.
Examples from the Corpus
politicalpolitical activistsHarris has his own political agenda in the company.Walesa had secured the backing of virtually all of the country's political and social organizations, including the Catholic Church.McEnroe loves the atmosphere at Westminster - he's a real political animal.She began her political career as a city councillor.The people are demanding political change.Nixon had many political enemies.But those proposed amendments are merely the ones that generate the most political heat.political jokes and satireCritics say the process was subjective and open to political manipulation.There are two main political parties in the US.The U.S. has two main political parties.Mike's never been a political person.Description of social conditions was a preliminary to political reform.The proposal for the Assembly came originally from Chaianan Samudavanij, a well known political scientist.You don't have to be madly blunt in a political sense.The U.N. is seeking a political solution rather than a military one.But the political solutions which he advocated in the 1930s were not so.He asked me to explain the British political system.More recently there has been a steep decline in the support for political union.political party/system/institutionsFirst, such classification can provide us with useful descriptive information about political systems.Locke also suggests that a man's presence in a particular state implies tacit consent to its political system.The new senator must come from the same political party as the old one.In a few cases, the continued support for a political party can be explained by reference to an historical connection.Organizations are political systems; eliminate politics and you eliminate the organization.There are few, if any, political systems that are perfect examples of democracy or its opposites.The Congress was dismantled, elections and political parties were outlawed.
From King Business Dictionarypoliticalpol‧it‧i‧cal /pəˈlɪtɪkəl/ adjective relating to the politics and government of a country, city etcThe US has two main political parties.the workers’ struggle for political powerOrigin political (1500-1600) Latin politicus; POLITIC