From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolicingpo‧lic‧ing /pəˈliːsɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] 1 the way that the police are used to keep control over a particular area and to protect people and property The community is demanding a less aggressive style of policing.policing of the policing of the city2 the way that an industry or activity etc is controlled in order to make sure that people obey the rules In the last twenty years the industry has had no oversight or policing. police1
Examples from the Corpus
policingOther co-operation agreements were signed, covering economics, trade, transport, technical affairs, culture and drug policing.In particular, there have been several complaints of heavy-handed policing of demonstrations, of which three examples may be given here.The field man has to suffer less of the unpleasantness involved in policing.The Labour party's draft document, which it did not dare to publish, refers to London policing functions.That kind of policing requires good police intelligence and first-class training.It was a march against racist policing and racist violence.Routine policing as a set of tasks is therefore accomplished as a process of routine.This is designed to ensure that the policing of the demonstration can be properly planned.