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policewomanpo‧lice‧wom‧an /pəˈliːsˌwʊmən/ noun (plural policewomen /-ˌwɪmɪn/) [countable] SCPa female police officerpoliceman
Examples from the Corpus
policewomanThen blonde Lesley Harrison found the life she really wanted to lead ... as a policewoman.When a policewoman got out of the vehicle he rammed it and drove straight into a wall which was demolished.A policewoman discovered the blaze which occurred in the early hours of yesterday.Babur sneaks a look at the policewoman.The policewoman, Song Anni, came up to survey the scene.One final question seems pertinent: What would the response have been had Mr Brettell's offence involved instead an undercover policewoman?Two young policewomen stood there, and David was talking to them.