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policemanpo‧lice‧man /pəˈliːsmən/ ●●● S2 W3 noun (plural policemen /-mən/) [countable] SCPa male police officerpolicewoman
Examples from the Corpus
policemanNot very far away there was also a policeman.A policeman was slightly injured when he was struck by falling stones in the Umbrian town of Sellano.I expect to be questioned and not believed about winking at the man, but the policeman does not seem interested.The motorist was the kind the policeman liked.The policeman carried on walking, following the figure.Thirty policemen were massacred in Rukum last week when the rebels launched a direct assault on their heavily fortified headquarters.Two policemen forcibly took her arms from around her son, and led him out to the car to join his sister.