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platterplat‧ter /ˈplætə $ -ər/ noun [countable] 1 especially American EnglishDFU a large plate from which food is served a serving platterplatter of a platter of turkey and vegetables2 chicken/seafood etc platter
Examples from the Corpus
platterWith slotted utensil, transfer meat to a platter and keep warm.Suddenly the Trunchbull lunged forward and grabbed the large empty china platter on which the cake had rested.Each carried an oval platter, and in the platters, embedded in snow, were the fruits of two continents.Arrange the courgettes on a serving platter with the trout and reserved grapefruit segments.Use one half to extend the other log and place on a serving platter.Transfer rabbit pieces to a serving platter and keep warm.Using a spatula, transfer charlotte to a large serving platter.
Origin platter (1300-1400) Anglo-French plater, from French plat plate; PLATE1