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pilotpi‧lot1 /ˈpaɪlət/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] 1 TTAsomeone who operates the controls of an aircraft or spacecraft an airline pilot a fighter pilot The official report into the accident says that it was caused by pilot error (=a mistake by the pilot).2 TTWsomeone with a special knowledge of a particular area of water, who is employed to guide ships across it a harbour pilot3 pilot study/project/scheme etc4 AMTa television programme that is made in order to test whether people like it and would watch it a pilot for a new sitcom automatic pilot
Examples from the Corpus
pilotThe government sponsored a pilot project to find out how the education reforms would work in schools.Those who do not fancy long haul can share short flights between two or three budding pilots.He was a natural in a world where most pilots are made, not born.the ship's pilotThe other officer climbed in and sat between me and the pilot.The results of the pilot have been encouraging.The pilot announced that the next glow of civilization would be Reno, some six hundred miles away.The pilot sat behind the gunner, offering a very small forward profile.This pilot study is designed to throw some light on these important questions.pilot errorThe official report into the accident which killed David Kay and his wife Margaret says it was caused by pilot error.Naval investigators have concluded that two of the crashes were caused by pilot error.But aviation expert Peter March claims pilot error may not be too blame.Initial press reports on the Dec. 20 accident focused on how pilot errors got the crew into a navigational jam.Read in studio An airshow accident in which a Spitfire crashed in flames has been blamed on pilot error.Investigators blame the Feb. 22 crash of an F-14 into the Persian Gulf on pilot error.Experts believed the crash to be due to pilot error, and sabotage was virtually ruled out of the investigation.If you skewered a Huey on a sharp stump during an assault, it was pilot error.
Related topics: Air, Water
pilotpilot2 verb [transitive] 1 TTATTWto guide an aircraft, spacecraft, or ship as its pilot2 TEST/EXPERIMENTto test a new idea, product etc on people to find out whether it will be successful The new exams are currently being piloted in a number of areas.3 TAKE/BRING literary to help someone to go to a place4 RESPONSIBLE British English to be responsible for making sure that a new law or plan is officially approvedpilot something through something The Bill was piloted through Parliament by the health minister.
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Examples from the Corpus
pilotI hope that we have a reasonable record on piloting Britain's foreign affairs through troubled times.Jean is being carried toward Smuttynose on a sailboat piloted by her brother-in-law, Rich.In 1995-96 the school was piloting career-related courses in all seven career clusters.Amelia had a wonderful time piloting her pet.The new housing program will be piloted in Chicago and Kansas City.The coursebook was piloted in schools all over Europe.Who was piloting the Boeing 727 when the planes collided?Oxfordshire piloted the forms in Banbury from October 1991 to March this year.
From King Business Dictionarypilotpi‧lot /ˈpaɪlət/ noun [countable] a test that is done to see if an idea, product etc will be successfulIf the pilots are successful, he hopes to go into full production next year.The company has no plans to participate in a pilot project to produce electric cars.pilot verb [transitive]They are piloting parts of the book in language schools.Origin pilot1 (1500-1600) French pilote, from Italian pedota, from Greek pedon oar