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ldoce_257_epianopi‧an‧o1 /piˈænəʊ $ -noʊ/ ●●● S3 noun (plural pianos) [countable] piano.jpg APMa large musical instrument that has a long row of black and white keys. You play the piano by sitting in front of it and pressing the keys Jean accompanied her on the piano.a piano lesson/teacher etc a wonderful piano playerCOLLOCATIONSverbsplay the pianoCan you play the piano?play something on the pianoWe all sang while Mum played something on the piano.learn the pianoHe wanted his children to learn the piano.practise the piano British English, practice the piano American EnglishI would practise the piano for three or four hours a day.sit (down) at the pianoShe sat down at the piano and began to play.accompany somebody on the piano (=play the piano while someone sings or plays a different instrument)Lisa sang while George accompanied her on the piano.piano + NOUNpiano musicYou can listen to live piano music while you dine.a piano playera piano teachera piano lessonI started having piano lessons.piano practiceHave you done your piano practice?
Examples from the Corpus
pianoIt was just a man, a piano and some powerful lyrics.The startling image of a piano encircled by a wedding ring exemplifies the notion of affinities developed by Magritte from the 1930s.There's hundreds of variations you can come up with, but one thing that influenced me was learning piano in school.So he played gently enough not to make the hammers of Stein's pianos bounce up and hit the strings again.The Stick has got the same range as the piano and I can jump four octaves with one hand.To learn Chopin, I had been listening for more than three years to the piano of Tamas Vasary.And, in any case, who can afford two pianos?There was an upright piano and a piano bench.on the pianoA number of songs accompanied on the piano also added variety to the evening.Chords which would sound thick and dull on the piano do not sound so on the harp.He became fixated on the piano at age 4, after seeing one at a preschool.They follow her hands on the piano, they listen intently, they move into the melody themselves.Joining Arbuckle will be a local trio featuring Jeff Haskell on the piano.She drove her daughter around the country, accompanying her on the piano.The tea tray landed on the piano bench, and I set the empty Brown Betty pot teetering on the piano keys.You will have your lesson, and you will practise on the piano for two hours.
Related topics: Music
pianopiano2 adjective, adverb technical APMplayed or sung quietly OPP forte
Origin piano1 (1800-1900) Italian pianoforte, from piano e forte quiet and loud