Word family noun photo photograph photographer photography adjective photogenic photographic verb photograph
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photopho‧to /ˈfəʊtəʊ $ ˈfoʊtoʊ/ ●●● S3 W3 noun (plural photos) [countable] informal TCPPICTUREa photographphoto of I’ll send Mom a photo of Sammy. Can you take a photo of me and Rachel?COLLOCATIONSverbstake a photoWe all took photos of each other.get a photo (=take one successfully)Did you get some good photos in Greece?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + photoa colour photoSend us a colour photo of yourself.a black-and-white photoThere is a black and white photo of Sly Stone on the wall of their flat.a digital photoa framed photoA small framed photo of his girlfriend sits on a bookcase.a signed photoI managed to get a signed photo of her.a wedding photoShall I show you our wedding photos?photo + NOUNa photo album (=a book in which you put photos)She took every picture of her ex-husband out of the family photo album.
Examples from the Corpus
photoThe correct item was the one following either a photo frame, a vase or a window.In addition, it can be difficult to judge the quality of some merchandise from a photo on a Web page.I requested a photo of one establishment, and it appeared on my screen.a photo albumSuppose she did carry his photo with the horse, not Fiona's, who's the owner, after all.The other photos on this fantasy book cover are of the people who allowed me to draw portraits of their lives.Private photos never seen before by the public.They were obtained by writing to the actors or the studios and asking for a signed photo.take ... photoPhillip Pogue, 34, of Oceanside had been taking photos of a little girl as she was water-skiing yesterday afternoon.A man in the side-chapel took photos.From the pocket of his overalls he took a photo of Carol.John, slightly paunchy with a beard, was into steam trains - he took photos of them.As I took a photo, Igor said it looked like Kosovo.I took a photo of him through the glass.As soon as somebody takes a photo, I shall send you one.However the lake had dried up - took photo anyway!
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photo-photo- /fəʊtəʊ, -tə $ foʊtoʊ, -tə/ prefix technical 1 HPrelating to light photosensitive paper (=paper that changes when light touches it)2 TCPrelating to photography photo-journalism (=the use of photographs in reporting news)
Examples from the Corpus
Origin photo (1800-1900) photograph photo- Greek phos light