personality cult

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personality cultpersonˈality ˌcult (also cult of personality) noun [countable] PPa situation in which people are encouraged to admire and praise a famous person, especially a political leader – used to show disapproval
Examples from the Corpus
personality cultBut at no time is this conditioning of mild hysteria and personality cult a wholesome thing.I don't agree with people who say it was just a leadership personality cult effort.However, Nyerere was said to be personally opposed to this kind of personality cult, and eventually the policy was changed.Propping up the world's most enduring dictator is a slavish personality cult, and rigid control of the nation.The Sicilian tyrants did not, however, take the personality cult as far as the successors of Alexander.Mr Koizumi is the centre of a virtual personality cult in his homeland, with support ratings of almost 90 %.