Word family noun permission permit permissiveness adjective permissibleimpermissible permissive verb permit
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_736_zpermitper‧mit1 /pəˈmɪt $ pər-/ ●●○ W3 verb (permitted, permitting) formal 1 [transitive]LET/ALLOW to allow something to happen, especially by an official decision, rule, or law Smoking is only permitted in the public permitted to do something As a punishment, she was not permitted to attend any school permitted in/near etc something Dogs are not permitted inside the shop.permit somebody something The bill would permit workers 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family emergencies. He had more than the permitted level of alcohol in his blood.see thesaurus at allowRegisterPermit is a formal word, which is used especially about someone being officially allowed to do something. In everyday situations, people usually say let somebody do something or allow somebody to do something:His parents won’t let him watch TV after ten o'clock.2 [intransitive, transitive]POSSIBLE to make it possible for something to happen The large windows permit a clear view of the lake.permit somebody to do something The moon permitted me to see a little way into the distance. I’ll see you after the meeting, if time permits (=if it finishes early enough). We’ll have a picnic at the beach, weather permitting (=if the weather is good enough).GRAMMAR: ComparisonpermitSomething is permitted: Working from home is permitted.Someone is permitted to do something: Employees are permitted to work from home.Someone is permitted something: Women were not permitted a vote.Permit is usually used in the passive in this meaning.allowYou allow someone to do something: Her boss allows her to work from home.Something is allowed: Working from home is allowed.Someone is allowed something: You are allowed one piece of hand luggage.Allow is often used in the passive.letYou let someone do something: Her boss lets her work from home. Don’t say: let someone to do somethingLet is not used in the passive.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
permitAt some meetings during the twenties and thirties unofficial Roman Catholic observers were permitted.In summer, meals are eaten in the garden, weather permitting.Comparison of the Orbiter and Lauder data permits a detailed portrait of the origin and evolution of a giant dust storm.The production of a visceral-specific anti-peptide antibody should permit a further investigation of its expression in smooth muscle cells.Prisoners are in a block downstairs, and are never permitted, for any purpose, above that level.The law permits foreign investors to own up to 25% of British companies.a new system that permits greater flexibilityIt noted that adjustments are permitted in the case of adoption and legitimation.Horseback riding is not permitted in the park.Photography will not be permitted inside the courtroom.I would like to go into this argument in some detail, but time does not permit it.The facts permit of no other explanation.This permits opportunities for specialised or interdisciplinary research which are outstanding.Unit pricing is a system that permits the customer to compare the costs of products.Addressing the public stigma of mental illness, which permits the unscrupulous to collude with vulnerable patients, is another.If time permits, you can repeat the permitted to do somethingNo one was permitted to pick the permittingThe game starts at 7 tomorrow, weather permitting.We're going to the beach this weekend, weather permitting.Occasionally there is live music, and a weekly barbecue weather permitting.On Saturday evenings guests are entertained in the garden, weather permitting.Open daily Easter to September, 10am to dusk, weather permitting.The meeting could take place as soon as today, weather permitting.They make a day of it, tailgating before the game and, weather permitting, after it, too.There is an excellent restaurant and, weather permitting, meals can be served alfresco on the terrace.Play would resume, weather permitting, tomorrow evening.The best nights for getting a first look, weather permitting, will be Thursday and Friday.
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permitper‧mit2 /ˈpɜːrmɪt $ ˈpɜːr-, pərˈmɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable] PGLET/ALLOWan official written statement giving you the right to do somethingpermit for A permit is required for fishing in the etc permit Hikers need a camping permit for overnight stays in the park. work permitCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a permitDo you have a resident's parking permit?need/require a permitEU citizens no longer need a permit to work in the UK.get a permitYou have to get a special permit in order to visit the Saiq plateau.issue a permitUp to ten fishing permits are issued each day.obtain a permit (=more formal than 'get')Hunters are required to obtain a permit.apply for a permitFarmers must apply for permits to use the new chemicals.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + permita work permitShe had problems getting a work permit for the States.a parking permitYou’ll need to apply for a residential parking permit.a travel permitPalestinians have to obtain a travel permit for travel between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.a residence permit (also residency permit especially American English) (=one that allows you to live in a country)Residence permits will be limited to five export permitAn export permit is required for the export of this timber.a gun permitMore than 300,000 civilians, in a country of 6 million, have gun permits. a fishing permitTo fish you’ll need a rod licence and a fishing permit.
Examples from the Corpus
permitOverall, 10,043 permits have been issued, with more than 40,000 other applications still pending.You can't park here unless you have a permit.You can't park there without a permit.Police were not interested in her marriage certificate, her permit to leave home or her temporary residence card for Zhuhai.Instead of shelving the permits, as residential builders do, Rohr forged ahead with construction.The permit, which is free, also has an information sheet which states 11 separate conditions concerning the use of skips.With this permit, Mrs Hicks can purchase a weapon and carry it anywhere inside the Bay State.The tradable permit approach has launched a new industry that brokers deals between firms.Then Mr Stein would have two permits and regulations don't like that.People from other countries require work permits, which are granted for specific periods depending on job shortages.Many spouses of diplomats are unable to pursue their careers because they lack U.S. work etc permitDid Gray have a parking permit?Theoretically no other country can allow the listed animal in without an export permit.Annual parking permits will be available at £10 for Richmondshire residents and £50 for non-residents.Existing export permits are to be revoked.The final position will not be known until the export permits committee completes its process.
From King Business Dictionarypermitper‧mit /ˈpɜːmɪtˈpɜːr-/ noun [countable] LAWan official document stating that someone is allowed to do somethingThe government would issue permits for fishing.permit to do somethingThe company requested a permit to operate a hazardous-waste treatment plant. building permit export permit import permit residence permit work permitOrigin permit1 (1400-1500) Latin permittere to let through, allow