Word family noun performance performer adjective performing verb perform
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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performerper‧form‧er /pəˈfɔːmə $ pərˈfɔːrmər/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 BOAPan actor, musician etc who performs to entertain people circus performers He was a better songwriter than performer.2 good/top/poor etc performer
Examples from the Corpus
performerEnrico is impressive both as a performer and a choreographer.The festival provides an opportunity to hear some fine blues performers at reasonable prices.Many go on to careers as composers, performers and teachers.Many of the clubs cater for novices as well as for established performers.She is to these Sydney Games what Johnson was to Atlanta, the featured performer.Now it seems a harmless divertissement that survives largely as a vehicle for its performers.As a jazz performer she is astounding, capable of expressing a broad range of feeling and expression.jazz performersThe market is further enhanced by live performers who act out the varied timeless arts.Most performers feel nervous before they go on stage.Poetry and song hit the afternoon stage, topped by a big evening round-up featuring a herd of performers.Tara is a seasoned performer who started acting at the age of 10.In all four movements, Balanchine demands consummate elegance from the performers.