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performper‧form /pəˈfɔːm $ pərˈfɔːrm/ ●●● S3 W2 verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]APPERFORM to do something to entertain people, for example by acting a play or playing a piece of music Chenier and the band are performing at the Silver Palace tomorrow. The children perform two plays each school year.Do not use perform to say what person an actor pretends to be in a play, film etc. Use play: John Wayne played (NOT performed) a Roman soldier in the film.2 [transitive]DO to do something, especially something difficult or useful SYN carry out Surgeons performed an emergency operation. The official opening ceremony was performed by Princess Margaret.perform a study/experiment/analysis etc An analysis of the survey data was performed.perform a task/job/duty She was fired for not performing the duties outlined in her contract.perform a function/role software that performs a specific function The leadership cannot be expected to perform miracles (=improve a situation in a way that seems impossible).RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that someone carries out an operation, a study etc rather than use perform:The operation was carried out by a team of surgeons.3 perform well/badly etcCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: to do something, especially something difficult or usefulnounsperform a task/job/duty etcWhat skills do you need to perform this task?perform workOver 6,000 people in our community of 100,000 perform volunteer work.perform an experiment/study etcPart of the Chemistry exam involves performing an experiment.perform an operationThe surgeon who performed the operation said it had gone well.perform a ceremonyAt 3 o'clock, the opening ceremony was performed by the Queen.perform a serviceOur troops are performing a remarkable service and a terribly important mission. perform a function/roleThe two organizations perform similar functions.perform an actionThe children sing and perform the actions to nursery songs.perform miracles (=do things that seem impossible)I'm prepared to work hard to get the job done but I can't perform miracles.
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Examples from the Corpus
performBefore every concert, she worries about how well she will perform.In Dianetics, a workmanlike job of clearing away the debris in and around the machine is performed.The children perform a Christmas pantomime every year.Whenever a member of her household became ill, she called a medicine woman to perform a magical rite.The orchestra will be at the Festival Hall tonight, performing a selection of works by Russian composers.The operation was performed by a team of surgeons at Addenbrookes Hospital.Russell's one-woman show, Shirley Valentine, was first performed by Pauline Collins.While we aren't ruled by the charts, we do want our songs performed by the right people.One of the most demanding things for this choir is the physical stamina required to perform for an hour.Surgery was performed Friday to correct the heart defects.She performed her share of administrative duties efficiently.Rubin says he will resign when he is no longer able to perform his duties.The opera was performed in over 100 cities.She still gets very nervous about performing in public.Perez is currently performing in "The Nutcracker."Students perform increasingly difficult tasks as the course continues.Finally, the trio hits the stage tomorrow night to perform Sun, Moon and Feather.The ship's captain performed the wedding ceremony.That language can perform varied functions or communicative roles is a commonplace of linguistic thought.perform a study/experiment/analysis etcI merely want you to perform an experiment.In other words, Heisenberg pointed out that bodies, not detached minds, perform experiments.Time-free environments One possibility is to perform experiments in the relatively constant conditions that exist near the poles.We design and perform an experiment, or make observations, according to a preformed set of ideas or concepts in our mind.
From King Business Dictionaryperformper‧form /pəˈfɔːmpərˈfɔːrm/ verb1[transitive] to do work, carry out a duty, task etcIt takes a highly skilled mechanic to perform repairs on this car.Symbols across the top of the screen let a user click a mouse button to perform common operations such as adding up a column of figures.These chips are designed to perform very specific functions, such as controlling computer disk drives.2[intransitive] to do what is expected or wantedShe looked good during the interview, but will she perform once she’s in the job?The company’s three divisions allperformed well, despite the recession.performer noun [countable]The company is a top performer in its field.→ See Verb tableOrigin perform (1300-1400) Anglo-French performer, from Old French perfournir, from fournir to complete