Word family noun peace peacefulness pacifier pacifism pacifist adjective peaceful peaceable pacifist verb pacify adverb peacefully peaceably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeacefulpeace‧ful /ˈpiːsfəl/ ●●○ S3 adjective 1 PEACEFULa peaceful time, place, or situation is quiet and calm without any worry or excitement We had a peaceful afternoon without the children. It’s very peaceful out here in the woods.see thesaurus at quiet2 PEACE/NO WARnot involving war, fighting, or violencepeaceful protest/demonstration There was a large but peaceful demonstration outside the US Embassy.peaceful solution/conclusion/settlement We must try to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.peaceful means/way/manner/method a political change achieved by peaceful and democratic means the use of nuclear power for peaceful purposes The countries in Europe have established a peaceful co-existence (=they exist together without fighting).3 peaceful people do not like violence and do not behave in a violent waynon-violent a noisy but peaceful group of demonstratorspeacefully adverb She was sleeping peacefully.peacefulness noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: not involving war, fighting, or violencenounsa peaceful protest/demonstration5,000 students began a peaceful protest which turned into a violent confrontation with police.a peaceful solution/resolution/settlementThe authorities want a peaceful solution to the hostage crisis.peaceful coexistence (=when people live together without fighting or arguing)Blacks and whites lived in peaceful coexistence.a peaceful transition (=a peaceful change from one system to another)They hope to achieve a peaceful transition to democracy.phrasesby/through peaceful meansWe must redistribute power in this country by peaceful means.for peaceful purposesA Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.
Examples from the Corpus
peacefulI wish you and your families a peaceful and prosperous New Year.An artfully designed stained-glass hummingbird seems a fitting object to remind us of our stay in this peaceful, bird-rich town.On May 13th, there was a peaceful demonstration of students calling for the resignation of the military regime.His careful hands and peaceful face told me he liked doing what he was doing.It's so nice and peaceful here.A blackbird was singing and it was very quiet and peaceful in the Park.Langcliffe is a peaceful little village.A peaceful lunch, some bread and cheese - or should he perhaps tidy the lounge first?It's peaceful out there in the woods.After a career as a journalist, she was looking forward to a happy and peaceful retirement.The Old Testament abounds in accounts of peaceful settlements overwhelmed, ravished, and utterly destroyed.a peaceful solution to the troubles in the regionThe revolution turned out to be less peaceful than we had hoped.Aye, peaceful, thought Guy.There was a relatively peaceful transfer of power from the military government to the new democracy.a peaceful transition from military to civilian rulepeaceful protest/demonstrationIt was an impassioned, largely peaceful protest.No one had expected anything more than a passing peaceful demonstration.As many as 400,000 people participated in a peaceful demonstration in Srinagar on Feb. 23.This would include many forms of peaceful protest, including sit-ins, certain public meetings, and even some pickets.University students have so far heeded the call, staging peaceful protests nationwide.They were just having a peaceful protest, sitting there and linking arms: no threats or fear of violence.Thousands of fans up and down the country plan one minute's peaceful demonstration to coincide with weekend kickoffs.One proposed change would return to the police the power to ban peaceful demonstrations, while another would sharply limit privacy rights.