From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeacepeace /piːs/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 no war [singular, uncountable] a situation in which there is no war or fighting The country is at peace with its neighbours for the first time in years. By the end of the century, France had made peace with Britain. a city where people of different religions have lived together in peace for centuries efforts to bring peace to the region a dangerous situation which threatens world peacepeace between a lasting peace between the two sides An uneasy peace continued until 1939. the Northern Ireland peace talks an international peace conference the peace treaty that ended the First World War the Middle East peace process2 no noise/interruptions [uncountable]CPEACEFUL a very quiet and pleasant situation in which you are not interruptedin peace I’ll leave you now and let you get dressed in peace. I wish she would just leave me in peace. All I want is some peace and quiet.3 calm/not worried [uncountable]PEACEFUL a feeling of being calm, happy, and not worried the search for inner peace Having household insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind. Lynn seems to be more at peace with herself these days (=calm, satisfied, no longer worried about anything).4 make (your) peace with somebody5 keep the peace6 hold/keep your peace7 disturb the peace8 rest in peaceCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a situation in which there is no war or fightingADJECTIVES/NOUN + peaceworld peaceThe regime poses a threat to world peace.a lasting/permanent peaceHe has the chance to forge a lasting peace with the uneasy peace (=when people have agreed to stop fighting, but the situation is not really calm)An uneasy peace prevails in the region.a fragile peace (=not likely to last)The fragile peace between the government and the student protestors broke when military police arrested their leader. peace + NOUNpeace talks/negotiationsA fourth round of peace talks will begin on Monday.a peace conferenceWill the US be sending a delegate to the Middle East peace conference?a peace treaty/agreement/accordThe formal signing of the peace agreement took place in Lisbon on May 31.a peace settlement/dealIt is difficult to see how a peace settlement can be achieved.a peace planThe leadership rejected the peace plan.the peace processBritain is still committed to the peace process.the peace movement (=people who work together to achieve peace, and the things they do)As a young man, he was involved in the peace movement.a peace campaigner/protester/activistSeveral peace campaigners were arrested at the demonstration.a peace rally (=large public meeting in support of peace)CND organised a massive peace rally in Trafalgar Square attended by over a million people.a peace envoy (=a government representative)The EU is sending a special peace envoy to the area.a peace mission (=officials who are sent by their government to another country to discuss peace)India’s prime minister sent a peace mission to the Gulf.verbsmake peace (with somebody) (=agree to stop fighting)Hardliners criticized the Israeli prime minister for trying to make peace with the Palestinians.bring peace to a placeShe was praised for her efforts to bring peace to the region.restore peaceThe emperor’s brother was able to restore peace in the troubled areas.maintain peaceThey’re trying to maintain in peace (with somebody)I hope we can learn to live in at peace (with somebody) (=not be involved in a war)Officially England was at peace with Spain.phrasespeace and securityThe UN was designed to uphold global peace and security.peace and stabilityThe people of Congo richly deserve peace and stability.peace and prosperityWe have had eight years of peace and prosperity. THESAURUSpeace a situation in which there is no war or fightingThere has been peace in the region for six years now.truce an agreement to stop fighting or arguing with each other for a limited period of timeThe rebels have ended a 17-month-old truce. He called for a truce between Israeli and Palestinian forces. There was an uneasy truce between Lily and Stephen at dinner.ceasefire an agreement to stop fighting for a limited period of time, especially in order to discuss making peaceThe two sides agreed to a ceasefire which would come into force immediately. armistice a formal agreement to stop fighting a war and to discuss making peaceThe Korean armistice was signed in July 1953.calm a situation in which there is no violence, argument, or protestAttempts by the police to restore calm in the area failed. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a very quiet and pleasant situation in which you are not interruptedphrasespeace and quietWe love the peace and quiet here.peace and tranquillityPeople come here to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this lovely area.a haven of peace (=a very peaceful place)Your home should be a haven of peace.verbsleave somebody in peaceAnswer my question, and then I'll leave you in peace.disturb the peace (=end or spoil it)Only church bells disturbed the peace.shatter the peace literary (=suddenly end it)A cry rent the air, shattering the peace.peace reigns literary (=there is peace in a place)Peace and tranquillity reign in the well-kept grounds.
Examples from the Corpus
peaceMore than 250,000 people died before a peace agreement was reached.For the first time in days Hilary felt at peace, the hurt and pain pushed aside for a while.There has been peace in the region for six years now.Why does peace come into Paul's concern for others?the Middle East peace processOnce again, by failing to opt clearly enough for peace, he seems to have opted for war.Can't we just have peace in the family?Now go away and let me get on with my work in peace.What anthropologists stressed was that the State brought safety for the individual, peace, and the rule of law.the search for inner peaceThe drawings with their restrained colours give a feeling of peace and contemplation.Some of these children have never known a time of peace.They have no bearing on postwar peace and stability in the area or stopping some other middle-sized gangster swallowing a weaker neighbour.The United States urged Moscow and the rebels to resume peace talks.They've gone to the countryside for some peace and quiet.In 1648 the Peace of Westphalia ended the 30 Years War.All her life she'd been an active member of the peace movement.Residents say that the new development would shatter the peace of their area.Top footballer Bobby Mimms loves coming back to the peace of his home village in North Yorkshire.It was a dangerous situation that threatened world peace withIf you are male, 18+, at peace with yourself or trying, then send me a line or two.If you do this, you will not be at peace with me in the future.This was where his grandfather had come as a young man, to worship and to be at peace with himself.The country is at peace with its neighbors for the first time in years.As time went by, Mr Utterson became calmer and more at peace with himself.I was much more at peace with myself and more accepting of the way that I looked.The body goes, the soul and peace remain. 1 have found myself at peace with death.He seemed at peace with that knowledge.Please, Franklin concluded, do not publish that paragraph; he wanted to leave this world at peace with the peaceI'll leave now and let you get dressed in peace.a part of the city where Christians and Muslims live together in peaceinner peaceWhat followed was a delight - an inner peace.When we observe the Ego instead of taking it seriously, we find inner peace.I saw centuries of craving for inner peace in those little figures.Its greatest enemy is inner peace.I think I lacked inner peace.Those Buddhists do not give me inner peace.His reactions caused him pleasure, fury, deep repose or inner peace.Like other Whole Being participants, Roujansky said she relishes the inner peace fostered by the retreat.
Origin peace (1100-1200) Old French pais, from Latin pax