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patternedpat‧terned /ˈpætənd $ -ərnd/ adjective AVDdecorated with a pattern a patterned carpet a brightly patterned dresspatterned with wallpaper patterned with roses
Examples from the Corpus
patternedfloral-patterned tea cupsSocial relationships are therefore patterned and recurrent.For the patterned butterflies I used a small part of the leaf design.Some firms which tailor-make doors offer obscured or patterned glass - usually only to order.The northernmost zone has the least continuous plant cover, the most patterned ground exposed, and the narrowest range of communities.patterned pillowcasesWherever you use richly patterned prints, keep your carpet choice to plain textures.In short, behaviour occurs in more or less co-ordinated, regular sequences and patterns: social life involves patterned regularities.The third is Royal Thistle a patterned tufted in 50% Wool 50% Polypropylene in 10 colours.In the main room a patterned, violet carpet had been laid in the centre of brown lino.