From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpathogenpath‧o‧gen /ˈpæθədʒən, -dʒen/ noun [countable] technical MIHBMsomething that causes disease in your bodygermpathogenic /ˌpæθəˈdʒenɪk◂/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
pathogenThe selective pressure is on all pathogens to mimic the passwords of their hosts.Viral control agents Insects are susceptible to a wide range of viral and bacterial pathogens.As society, technology, and the environment change, pathogens evolve or spread, and the spectrum of infectious diseases expands.The chief aim is to reduce the solid volume of waste, offensive odours and to effect pathogen removal.Gastric acid is the primary barrier against orally ingested enteric pathogens, and a major regulator of small bowel flora.Not every pathogen will respond instantly to events.These specimens may provide sentinel indicators of new pathogens and emerging diseases.Once the fish is affected, other pathogens, bacteria as well as protozoal parasites and fungi, will compound the overall situation.
Origin pathogen (1800-1900) Greek pathos (PATHOS) + English -gen producing