paternity leave

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paternity leavepaˈternity ˌleave noun [uncountable] BECMBa period of time that the father of a new baby is allowed away from workmaternity leave, parental leave
Examples from the Corpus
paternity leaveFather friendliness can not be reduced to a company having a paternity leave policy, paid or unpaid, on the books.I hereby confirm that your request for 5 days paternity leave has been granted.So why does paternity leave continue to serve as the barometer of social change for the media?The audience gave a warm welcome to the father of four, fresh from paternity leave.Still, only 11 percent availed themselves of the official paternity leave policy.But I was not surprised that Sam zoomed in on paternity leave right away.Tom went off on paternity leave and his secretary organised a whip-round to send a card and a gift.Fathers are allowed two days off as paid paternity leave.
From King Business Dictionarypaternity leavepaˈternity ˌleave (also parental leave)HUMAN RESOURCES time that a father of a new baby is allowed to be absent from workThe company provides up to eight weeks of paid paternity leave. leave