Word family noun participation participant verb participate
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparticipantpar‧tic‧i‧pant /pɑːˈtɪsəpənt $ pɑːr-/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] TAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDsomeone who is taking part in an activity or eventparticipant in an active participant in the negotiations
Examples from the Corpus
participantThis summer's children's art program had 14 participants.He is free to consider himself first and foremost a participant in the nationally important business of the Bundestag.Reyes is an active participant in the protest movement.In college they are expected to take more advanced course work than the typical community college participant.There is a £10 entry fee and each participant should raise £50 in sponsorship in order to take part.The organisers hope to encourage participants to create networks for the exchange of information on the development and use of alternative media.Thus, if interest rates are expected to fall, market participants will be unwilling to sell bills outright to the Bank.Though Mainly Mozart participants stay in donated hotel rooms or condos, the atmosphere is chummy.It also demonstrated how volatile the presidential race is, with change an ever-present participant.Shy participants are less inhibited about expressing themselves in this medium.At the end of the conference, all the participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire.participant inParticipants in the 10K run will receive a T-shirt.
From King Business Dictionaryparticipantpar‧tic‧i‧pant /pɑːˈtɪsəpəntpɑːr-/ noun [countable] someone who is taking part in an activity or eventparticipant inHe was an active participant in the negotiations.