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part-timeˌpart-ˈtime ●●○ adjective [only before noun] BECsomeone who has a part-time job works for only part of each day or week a part-time job women wishing to return to work on a part-time basispart-time adverb She wants to work part-time after she’s had the baby.part-timer noun [countable] full-time(1)
Examples from the Corpus
part-timeSimilar one-day workshops for new part-time academic staff were piloted in June.Early in the setup of the Northwest Respirator Center he hired Dunning to work as his part-time associate director.Of course, integrated programmes are less suitable for part-time attendees and those who want to do parts of a modular programme.She's a part-time bartender.Students on the part-time course will work from home, visiting Middlesbrough only for the final examination.The willingness of part-time farmers to go on training courses demonstrates their determination to make the most of their farms.He had taken a part-time job selling a line of cosmetics the manufacturer had labeled as all-natural products.on a part-time basisAfter a period of full-time child-care, many women return to paid employment on a part-time basis.Many are occupied by women on a part-time basis.The packaging department and the despatch department each employ one member of staff working on a part-time basis.Upon reaching retirement age Len found that he missed the job so much he came back on a part-time basis.They should operate on a part-time basis and attract their own television and sponsorship.He succeeds Larry Brook, who continues working with the Foundation on a part-time basis in conjunction with establishing his own consulting firm.Some courses are also offered on a part-time basis over 24-36 months.They established a bakery that eventually employed several hundred village girls on a part-time basis while they finished part-timeOr that men are looking to work part-time.The interviewers who work for market research companies are usually women who wish to work part-time.This was most obviously the case for Angela, who was working part-time, and for Jennifer, who was self-employed.Newman, who worked part-time as a Cheltenham school crossing guard and park ranger, has no prior record.Part-time work Women are far more likely than men to work part-time, as table 4.2 shows.I am working part-time, but my maternity leave begins next month.In a major federal survey, one-third of the men and women interviewed said they would work part-time if possible.Henry now works part-time with a firm he had formerly hired as consultants.
From King Business Dictionarypart-timeˌpart-ˈtime adjectiveJOB someone who has a part-time job only works for part of the weekThe forestry projects will generate part-time and seasonal employment.He provides scientific expertise on a part-time basis. compare flexitime, full-timepart-time adverb31% of womenwork part-time.