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parliamentarypar‧lia‧men‧ta‧ry /ˌpɑːləˈmentəri◂ $ ˌpɑːr-/ ●○○ adjective PGPrelating to or governed by a parliament the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy
Examples from the Corpus
parliamentaryFormally, it was parliamentary and the approval of the Supreme Soviet was needed for all significant laws and appointments.The settlement followed three weeks of mounting tension which triggered communal rioting and disrupted government and parliamentary business.a parliamentary debateBoth parties wanted the government to hold parliamentary elections first.parliamentary electionsAnd the Committee has kept a close watch on the uses made by the broadcasters of parliamentary material in their programmes.Collectively they are evidence of a coherent, deeply felt, formidable body of opinion within the present Conservative parliamentary party.Land was the basis of Lowther's county and parliamentary position; the law gave him added influence and opportunity.He subsequently fought and held his parliamentary seat against his former party.That apparatus does not fit with parliamentary self-government.