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parliamentpar‧lia‧ment /ˈpɑːləmənt $ ˈpɑːr-/ ●●● W2 noun 1 PGP[countable] the group of people who are elected to make a country’s laws and discuss important national affairsgovernment, MP They demanded a free parliament and press.2 Parliament3 PGP[countable] the period during which the British Parliament meets We expect to get these laws passed during the present parliament.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In meanings 1 and 2, parliament is usually followed by a singular verb: Parliament has been unable to agree.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: Parliament have been unable to agree.COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2verbsbe elected to parliamentShe was elected to parliament in 1997.stand for parliament (=try to be elected)Ms Jackson stood for Parliament as a Labour candidate.enter/get into parliament (=be elected as a member of parliament)Tony Blair first entered Parliament in returned to Parliament (=be elected)Creevey was returned to Parliament as MP for Appleby.a bill is passed by parliament (=it is made into a law)The bill was passed by Parliament last May.a bill goes through parliament (=it goes through the process of being made a law)The bill is currently going through Parliament.go before/be put before parliament (=be considered by parliament)The Bill goes before Parliament on November 16.dissolve parliament formal (=officially end parliament before holding an election)The prime minister will ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call an election.phrasesa member of parliamentHe was the Conservative member of Parliament for act of parliament (=a law that has been passed by parliament) Their rights are guaranteed by Act of Parliament. a seat in parliament (=a position as member of parliament)If Morgan resigns his seat in Parliament, there will be a bye-election.a session of parliament (=when its members are working)The Queen opened a new session of Parliament last week.the lifetime of a parliament (=from when a government is elected until it calls an election)We shall not make changes in this area, at least in the lifetime of this Parliament.
Examples from the Corpus
parliamentHis ministry is preparing a telecommunications bill, which will be presented before parliament this spring.Despite gradual change, parliament continues to include non-white and working class members.Elections for the European parliament are set for late next year.The idea also has support among the Communists in parliament, who chafe at their limited duties under the current constitution.During his 28 years in Parliament, the 59-year-old Chuan has been untainted by corruption.In parliament there would be a carefully organized campaign of resistance that would at least slow the government down and raise Unionist morale.According to the new law local parliaments would be empowered to conduct inspection and auditing of local governments.It turned violent when some protesters tried to tear down the gates of parliament.New budget measures were approved Tuesday by the Russian parliament.But the upbeat, booster verve that had brought the parliament together would not be derailed.Worcestershire was a staunchly Royalist county, and those who were suspected of siding with parliament were roughly dealt with.
ParliamentParliamentPGPthe main law-making institution in the UK, which consists of the House of Commons and the House of Lordsin Parliament The government has actually increased its majority in Parliament. hung parliament parliament
Examples from the Corpus
in ParliamentThe decision avoids mass byelections, which could have altered the balance in parliament.Investors are also worried about the debate in Parliament over a capital gains tax, Li said.Farming became a fashionable occupation among the aristocracy, who had enough influence in Parliament to pass through Bills of Enclosure.He sat in Parliament and entertained the king at a new mansion, his family's seat until the civil war.The party planned to field candidates for other seats in parliament.The growth of home ownership has enjoyed cross-party support in Parliament.The move should bolster the prime minister's support in parliament.
From King Business Dictionaryparliamentpar‧lia‧ment /ˈpɑːləməntˈpɑːr-/ noun [countable] the group of people elected to make a country’s laws and discuss important national issuesThe Dutch parliament voted to begin lifting economic sanctions.Origin parliament (1200-1300) Old French parlement, from parler; PARLEY