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paperweightpa‧per‧weight /ˈpeɪpəweɪt $ -ər-/ noun [countable] BBOa small heavy object used to hold pieces of paper in place
Examples from the Corpus
paperweightOnce he sent me a paperweight, the very paperweight which had sat on his desk.She Dreamed up a new hobby for the Mayor, collecting antique paperweights, and made good use of them.Above the buttes, the mile-high white clouds were as flat on the bottom as paperweights.Alcoves beside the fireplace held a collection of spotlit glass, bottles, flasks, paperweights.He rearranged a couple of silver paperweights and brushed his long white hair with his hand.Talismanic paperweight, talismanic brother-substitute, talismanic memory of the Arthritic Witch of Fun.