From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaperpa‧per1 /ˈpeɪpə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 for writing/wrapping [uncountable]TD material in the form of thin sheets that is used for writing on, wrapping things etc I’ll get you a piece of paper so you can write the number down. Do you have a pen and paper?2 newspaper [countable]TCN a newspaper Have you seen today’s paper? You’ll read about it in tomorrow’s papers. the Sunday paperssee thesaurus at newspaper3 papers4 on paper5 examination [countable] British English a set of printed questions used as an examination in a particular subject, and the answers people write an exam paper I have a stack of papers to mark.history/French etc paper The geography paper was really easy.see thesaurus at test6 speech/piece of writing [countable] a piece of writing or a talk on a particular subject by someone who has made a study of it a scientific paperpaper on a paper on psychology Professor Usborne gave a paper on recent developments in his field.7 piece of schoolwork [countable] especially American English a piece of writing that is done as part of a course at school or university SYN essaypaper on a paper on the Civil War 8 official publication [countable] a report prepared by a government or committee on a question they have been considering or a proposal for changes in the law We will publish a discussion paper on the future of the BBC.paper on the 1998 White Paper on political reform a working paper (=a report that is not final) on funding the Health Service9 for walls [countable, uncountable]TBDH paper for covering and decorating the walls of a room SYN wallpaper a floral paper10 financial [countable, uncountable] stocks and shares that can be bought and sold on a financial market11 toilet [uncountable] soft thin paper used for cleaning yourself after you have used the toilet SYN toilet paper, toilet roll12 not worth the paper it is written on/printed on put/set pen to paper at pen1(3), → waste paperCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: material in the form of thin sheets that is used for writing on, wrapping things etcphrasesa sheet of paperEach recipe was written down on a separate sheet of paper.a piece of paperCan I have another piece of paper?a scrap/slip of paper (=a small piece)He scribbled Pamela’s address on a scrap of paper.a pad of paper (=many sheets of paper fixed together at one edge)Chris took out a pad of paper and started writing.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + paperwriting/note paper (=good quality paper for writing letters)Can you fetch me a piece of writing paper and a pen?plain paper (=with nothing written or printed on it)The package was wrapped in plain brown paper.lined paper (=printed with horizontal lines, for writing)a note written on lined paperwrapping paper (=coloured paper for wrapping presents)He carefully removed the wrapping paper so it wouldn’t tear.tissue paper (=very thin paper for wrapping things)All the clothes were wrapped in tissue paper.recycled paper (=paper made from waste paper)The envelopes are made from 100 percent recycled paper. COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘write on a paper’. Say write on a piece of paper. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a newspaperADJECTIVES/NOUN + papera local paperYou could try putting an advert in the local paper.a national paperThe story had been in all the national papers.a daily paperWhich of these daily papers do you usually read?a Sunday paperI only get a Sunday paper if I’ve got lots of spare evening paperIan usually buys an evening paper on his way home.a tabloid paper (=one with small pages, especially one without much serious news)Don’t believe everything you read in the tabloid papers.a broadsheet paper (=one with large pages, usually one containing serious news)Tabloid newspapers are usually about half the size of a broadsheet paper.a quality paper British English (=one intended for educated readers )Readers of quality papers, such as the Telegraph and the Guardian, are mainly employed in professional jobs.
Examples from the Corpus
paperThere was a big newsstand behind the policemen, and he thought of buying a paper.Natural fabrics like silk and wool on a paper backing are used to give the velvety finish in traditional flocks.His hand moved automatically to take a familiar paper of Rome.Ryan Tate said the heist represents the seventh time the free paper has been stolen from news racks since November 1996.Stephen took the local paper with him into his study.The desk, with a green leather inset, is always clear of papers.Today's paper is over on the coffee table.When is your sociology paper due?Why don't you put an ad in the paper?Sizing is added to make the paper less absorbent.Anyway, any publicity you can give Autumnola in your paper would be very welcome.gave ... paperEarlier she gave a paper on Feminist Science Theory at the conference in Minneapolis.working paperClanna Weir Mill was established as a working paper mill by the late 1700s.The implications of a weakness should be recorded in a working paper together with any recommendations.What does a more detailed examination of the proposals in Working for patients and the accompanying working papers reveal?The documents appear to have been working papers that were used for setting price caps for the authorities.This discussion paper considers points made in the Review and in the working papers.The working papers develop some of the organisational and management implications of proposals in the Review.Their report was published in 1985, and consists of a summary report and two working papers.We must go through the woods and fields on foot as far as St Maxime where we will pick up working papers.
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paperpaper2 ●●● S3 W2 adjective [only before noun] 1 TImade of paper a paper bag2 written or printed on paper The brochure is available in electronic and paper versions.3 paper qualifications4 VALUEexisting only as an idea but not having any real value paper profits (=a record of the value of something, that is not real until the thing is sold) paper promises
Examples from the Corpus
papera paper cup
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paperpaper3 verb [transitive] 1 DHTBto decorate the walls of a room by covering them with special paper SYN wallpaper2 paper over the cracks
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Examples from the Corpus
paperPanels can be painted, papered or purchased in pre-decorated finishes to simulate anything from tiles to woodgrain.It was she who papered our rooms and did the painting.It's papering over huge cracks.No - they were wallpapering, and I was the wall - they were papering over me.Actually I am papering the fridge with rules; you can no longer tell its color.Sybil papered the loo with that article and others.One day she happened into his office, only to discover an entire wall of it papered with inspirational quotes.When Hammaker returned to the Giants' locker room, the walls were papered with stories about his debacle.
From King Business Dictionarypaperpa‧per /ˈpeɪpə-ər/ noun1[uncountable] material in the form of thin sheets used for writing things on, wrapping things etcplants that make chemicals for the paper industry listing paper2[countable] a newspaperMany daily papers have a financial section.The Hollywood Reporter is a trade paper (=one that reports on a particular industry) for the film industry.3on paper a)if you put ideas or information on paper, you write them downWe need to get these ideas down on paper. b)if something seems to be true on paper, it seems to be true as an idea, but may not be true in a real situationIt’s a nice idea on paper, but you’ll never get it to work.4[uncountable] (also financial paper)FINANCE SECURITIES (=bonds etc) that can be traded on financial markets, rather than cash, and the CERTIFICATEs (=documents) relating to themMitsubishi is to issue (=make available and sell) as much as 200 billion yen of paper.There are times when people are doubtful of the viability of the financial paper they hold. bank paper bearer paper commercial paper fine paper5papers [plural] documents used by a person or organization in their workThe hotel filed papers (=officially sent them to the authorities) three weeks ago, seeking various building permits.According tocourt papers, the judge’s decision was based on the bank’s failure to comply with banking laws. ship's papers6[countable] an official document you need in order to do somethingOnce all the necessary papers have been signed, the house is yours. working papersOrigin paper1 (1300-1400) Old French papier, from Latin papyrus; PAPYRUS