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palsypal‧sy /ˈpɔːlzi $ ˈpɒːl-/ noun [uncountable] 1 MIan illness that makes your arms and legs shake because you cannot control your muscles2 old useMI paralysis cerebral palsy
Examples from the Corpus
palsyIt does have different characteristics from other more fixed medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy.She suffers from cerebral palsy and because she could not communicate, doctors at first believed she might be mentally retarded.Doctors thought she had a mild case of cerebral palsy.First comes a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, a label that seems right until other puzzling symptoms appear.The medical diagnosis was cerebral palsy.Andrew was born with cerebral palsy, and suffers a form of blindness.Tooth-ache, tragedy and top notes share a mask of facial palsy in this alliterative world.They surmised he had shoulder palsy or a complication from a long-hidden ailment contracted in the war.
Origin palsy (1200-1300) Old French paralisie, from Latin paralysis; PARALYSIS