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palmpalm1 /pɑːm $ pɑːm, pɑːlm/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 part of handHBH the inside surface of your hand, in which you hold thingsin somebody’s palm She looked at the coins in her palm. He held the pebble in the palm of his hand.2 treeHBP (also palm tree) a tropical tree which grows near beaches or in deserts, with a long straight trunk and large pointed leaves at the top coconut palms3 hold/have somebody in the palm of your hand4 read somebody’s palm cross somebody’s palm (with silver) at cross1(18), → grease somebody’s palm at grease2(2)
Examples from the Corpus
palmThe subject is essentially twofold - beach and palm trees, so thought must be given to each.A piece of candy stuck to his palm.If you are used to handling an ordinary palm sander, the oval grip will be familiar.Rest palm of one hand over navel.The streets in the village are immaculate, the grass and the palm trees green.The sun was in the palms behind the right-field fence.He stops combing upward and begins to shape the hairs in the cup of the palm of his hand.Alternately press and release pressure with palms, gradually wriggling the hands fairly vigorously along the muscles.With palms facing upwards, take your arms behind you and hold them as high as the palm of his handEven before he plays a note, he has the audience in the palm of his hand.It had long been believed that he who held the Tower, held London in the palm of his hand.There was a block of raw jelly lying in the palm of his hand.Oliver coiled it slowly in the palm of his hand.
palmpalm2 verb [transitive] HIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEEto hide something in the palm of your hand, especially when you are performing a magic trick or stealing something palm something ↔ off palm somebody off with something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
palmEvery few cases some preclear may try to palm off telepathy as an aberrative factor.Eachus, challenged by Stephen McBride, palmed out Raymond McCoy's left wing cross when he could possibly have grasped it.Cheryl palmed the access lock on the medlab door and the hatch rolled open.
From King Business Dictionarypalmpalm /pɑːmpɑːm, pɑːlm/ verb palm somebody/something → off→ See Verb table